The other day HD was telling me that we should have met in college. That would have given us more time with each other. I disagreed. I am a strong believer in time. When things come at the right time… they work out well. The right thing at the wrong time will never work out. We met at the right time… when I didnt have any baggage holding me back. The arranged marriage crap was going on which made me a commitment phobic but thats ok.

Like… my job. When I was put in the corporate office without sufficient experience in regional office I knew I would never do justice to the profile no matter how much I try. That profile required field experience. I gave up a cushy corporate life which gave me Saturdays off… access to the CEO and the top marketing guys… comfortable travelling… etc… packed my bags and left for a harder life. The logic being… my future is in the corporate office… this is the only time I can spend in the regional office.

Right time is everything. How else do you explain why something clicks with one person and not with another? Compatibility is one reason… efforts and the willingness is also a factor… so is attraction. Actually, attraction is the most important… if this is lacking it can never succeed.

I was looking at my house from a third person’s perspective and realized it is suitable only for 2 people. There are 2 chairs in the house which are used to hold grocery bags, laptop, purse etc or for sitting while putting on shoes or during pedicure. There is one bean bag in which 2 people can fit comfortably… and well… it is not used for sitting only… there are 2 cushions for resting the head. When anyone drops in (rarely) I have to ensure there is enough seating. I want to invite my ex-colleagues home but don’t have proper seating arrangement or even cups/mugs to serve tea (bought them last week). I like living like this… I can’t imagine living in a home with ALL the furniture… beds… couches… nice curtains.. tables.. etc. I guess I have never lived any other way… discounting the trips home from boarding school… my life has been like this… in Mumbai… then Gurgaon… and back to Mumbai.

Yawn!!! I have to wake up early to pick up HD at 6 am… last time he made me wait for an hour… so not funny… and when I asked him to say; “Say we are even for all the times I made you wait”… he refused… when I threatened to leave him stranded on the Airoli bridge he gave in.


Tried my hand at cooking Chicken Bhurji… it was a disaster. I can cook vegetables… they can either be fried or boiled… I avoid frying as much as possible but with chicken.. I am not sure. And there was only one recipe available online which did not have timings… anyway, better luck next time.

I don’t experiment on HD ‘coz he is quite fussy about food. I remember the first time I had cooked for him… it was egg bhurji in Mumbai… It turned out to be very salty but he gamely ate it… can’t expect the same now… not that he criticises me… but he will eat junk instead… and I hate to do that to him on the 4 days in a month that he comes home.

I am thinking of moving blogs… don’t groan… I don’t have much to do online…a new blog will keep me busy.

Indians drag their kids everywhere they go. Grocery shopping on Sunday is a nightmare and I avoid it as much as possible. At the hypermarket next to my house there are kids everywhere. Why can’t one parent stay outside with the kids while the other shops? Some of them place their kids in a trolley and shop… even new borns… how weird is that!!!

At Croma today one couple was standing in front of the cash counter and feeding a new born milk from the bottle. Not kidding!!! Let me put that in BOLD. FEEDING MILK FROM THE BOTTLE AT THE CROMA CASH COUNTER BLOCKING PEOPLE’S WAY.

Leaving home on a Sunday is torture… you never know where kids will cross your path. Ok ok… I don’t like kids.. and don’t sympathise with HD ‘coz he couldn’t care either.

The women’s trial rooms in Lifestyle are located in a bad location which beats all logic… you have to cross the┬álingerie┬ásection to reach them. Men generally wait outside trial rooms to give their opinion on the woman’s clothes… they have to wait in the lingerie section which would be embarrassing for most men (not HD though)… and also for women shopping for the lingerie… they have to discuss their bra sizes and types with men around. Why would anyone have the trial rooms there? Beats me.

Anyways… back to Desperate Housewives… good night… Btw, HD is also a fan of the series which is good… common interests when it comes to TV are helpful. Major household fights are caused by this. In yesterday’s episode… a wife killed a husband when he confessed to cheating on her. It shocked HD… which is good.

Hi… the exhaustion of the 5 days has caught up. I can barely move.

I would reach office at 9-9.30 am.. my boss would turn up at 10 am and the other colleagues anywhere between 10.30-11.30 am. It sucked ‘coz I would skip b’fast and yoga every morning. Colleagues killed time in office by gossiping and taking long ciggie/lunch breaks while I worked. At 5/5.30 pm they would begin work and then stay till late. Initially my Boss arrived in office at 8.30 am and worked till 10 pm… now he can’t wait to leave at 6 pm. Sometimes I feel like I am working in Kolkata.

I had my appraisal today… it was surprisingly good. I expected my Boss to give some negative feedback under the head ‘areas of improvement’ but he was positive… atleast to my face. I don’t know if he has said anything to his Boss behind my back. The rating I get will make things clear. Unfortunately, the increment will happen in June/July’10 and confirmation in Jan’10.

I am in no mood to work tomorrow… will start the day late and wind up early.

Why can’t we have 5 days work week? 6 days is tooooo much. I don’t understand the concept of 5 days work week for corporate office and 6 for regional offices.

Good night. I love the movie … ‘Luck By Chance’… can watch it over and over and over again.

What a week. I have been leaving home at 8 am and returning at 9 pm. I have to travel from Mulund to Lower Parel and leaving at 8 am ensures less traffic. No matter how early I leave office in evening traffic makes me late.

I return home… order food… gobble the food… fall asleep by 10 pm. Things will be better from next week since I will not go to office.

I have my appraisal tomorrow and my Boss has not instructed/informed me what to expect. Lets hope all goes well.

AB has gone to China to look for opportunities in business and DK just quit his job which is crazy. He has not completed even a year but he hates his Boss and also the company.

Hiya… I have been gone but life has been hectic. Isn’t it always?

Yesterday I caught one of my subordinate on the net at 1 pm which totally pissed me off. I don’t call and check up on him and he has taken advantage of my trust. On questioning, he told me; “You asked me not do so-and-so work right away and so I was not on the field”. I made him send me an apology mail and gave a stern reply. I want to either shift this guy to another channel or kick him out…. but… it is always better to try and train the existing people than recruit someone new. I informed my Boss. Tomorrow he is going to work with this guy in the market… one reason is that he wants to be sure he is as bad as I tell him he is… second is that he wants to collect info against me. Lets see how it goes. My subordinate knows what an asshole my boss is… I doubt he will do/say something wrong.

Onto more pleasant things… I have exceeded my sales targets for this month… Since they are beyond my control I could not reduce them. I met up with B who is a school friend. I have blogged about her earlier. She was meeting her school friend R who was also my friend in 9th std but we drifted apart in 10th std. We are both Geminis and my friendship with Gemini does not survive too long… (HD- being an exception). The plan was to meet R at Globus ‘coz she wanted to have Pau Bhaji (she is on a 2 week holiday from California). Anyway… while B and we were waiting for R we entered Globus to pee… and ended up shopping and then ended up not buying anything (she wanted to shop… I didn’t even try on anything)…

Some background on R- She is a Bong born and brought up in Mumbai. Her Mom passed away when she was young… and she told everyone in school that her stepmom is her Masi (which is not true… she didn’t want people to know she has a stepmom). She married her best friend 3 years back… who is a Punjabi from Delhi. After staying in Delhi for a year she moved to California. Meeting all kinds of relatives in Delhi and her hubby’s snobbish Punjabi friends has driven her mad in the short vacation. Her in-laws are not mean or bad but they are different … she is an independent, outspoken Bong girl of Mumbai while her in-laws are more family oriented with typical Punjabi traits. She does not want to move back to India ‘coz that will mean staying in Delhi with in-laws. Mumbai is her preferred destination in the whole world.

Anyways… she was trying to convince me to shift to Bandra or Parel (she stays in Bandra)- somewhere closer to office. I refused… the traffic, congested spaces, dilapidated buildings without security, high rents, water problems do not make up for less commute.

I generally avoid meeting people I am not in touch with… times changes things and people sooo much …. it is difficult to connect at times. But meeting B’s friends (who were known to me) is fun and interesting. A little dent in my usual routine.

The other day I went to Panvel which is a much better place than Ulhasnagar… Ulhasnagar is more backward than Rajkot and so dreary. Panvel has a small town feel to it which is charming.

Chalo… gtg… waiting for the weekend.

Hiya… I have been travelling too much this week.

Yesterday I drove 120 km- Mulund to Nerul to Malad to Andheri to Vakola to Santa Cruz to Mulund. I had a bad bad bad headache and slept by 9 pm. Today I drove 85 km Mulund to Kharghar to Panvel to Mulund.

Sigh!!! My mom-in-law has started using the internet and sends me mails all the time. For some reason she never mails HD. Today she sent me an e-card which was so sweet.

Anyways.. good night… will be back soon with a proper update.

So…. for the first time I looked at my expenses and finances head on instead of shying away.

2009 has been an expensive year… first the marriage… honeymoon… then switching jobs and re-locating to Mumbai. Hopefully, 2010 will be better.

I have started writing down my expenses this month onwards- I used to do it in college. I knew where the money was flowing out but didn’t have the exact numbers. The expenses have been put under different heads- “travel”, “food”, “entertainment”, “loan”, “house”, “rent”, “groceries” etc in an excel sheet. Call me crazy… but I have also put targets or budgets for December. My expenses under each head are not allowed to exceed the budgeted numbers. I never expected to live within a budget… but thats life.

From next year I will hire a tax consultant or CA to help me invest and reduce tax.

Some very surprising numbers I came across:

  • I spend upto Rs 1000 on parking alone… Since work involves going to Malls and office does not have proper parking spaces… I end up paying an astronomical amount on parking which is not reimbursed by the company
  • I end up spending Rs 2500 per month on eating out… this does not include expenditure on food spent on the field which is reimbursed by the company… I don’t even splurge on weekends on food… money is generally spent on nights that I come home late and cannot cook

The other day I was telling HD that we will join Salsa lessons when he shifts to Mumbai… he freaked out.

HD: How many things will we do on a Sunday??? Go to the gym… play Badminton… clean house… cook… Salsa lessons… grocery shopping… I am already not looking forward to shifting back

Sigh!!! If HD is shifted to Mumbai… I will let him sleep all Sunday and not move his lazy ass… I promise, God.