January 2010

This time it is serious… I have started another blog. Anyone who wants to follow me there… send me a mail or post a comment with your personal email address. I may or may not mail the link… bye bye.


Hiya people… 2010 is already here. An astrologer has predicted that November 2010 onwards my life’s troubles will fade and in 2011 life will be great… Obviously, I am happy 2009 has ended… how else will I get to 2011?

I don’t wanted to turn back and look at 2009… it has had its ups and downs… and sometimes I wonder which were more… the ups or downs?

Contd… on 4th Jan’10

I wanted to write this post few days back but HD was here. Everytime I started to type he would come, distract me and take over my attention.

Day 1: I was working when HD returned from his road trip. I had an area meeting with my team to plan for Jan’10. HD caught up on his sleep… visited home… and then met me in Phoenix Mills for the movie- 3 idiots.

Day 2: I was working again… but returned early. I don’t think we did much that day… maybe a little grocery shopping.

Day 3: Finally… My little vacation had begun. I was not sure if my Boss knew I am not working… but that didn’t matter. I have been dying to shop at Lokhandwala… I shopped and shopped and shopped… while HD looked on. He was surprisingly patient but warned me when I asked him to choose between tights which were dark brown and dark blue (the shop didn’t have black).. “Now you are going TOO far”. After 2.5 hours he had reached his limit and we rushed home… Umm, not exactly rushed ‘coz it took us 2.5 hours in the Andheri traffic.

Day 4: HD had an interview in Lower Parel early morning near my office. I caught up on mails and we headed to IMAX Dome at Wadala to catch Avatar. We had to wait 2 hours and there was nothing much to do. The theatre is pretty sad with few entertainment options. The movie sucks too. We headed home for an evening with HD’s friends, dinner and drinks.

Day 5: The plan was to do nothing much on New Year’s…. just a little furniture shopping in Vashi. I had seen cheap and small dining tables at Hypercity but the quality was also low. After dinner at HD’s home we headed back. On the way we came across a good furniture shop… I will buy a swing from there this week.

Day 6: We did nothing… yippie

Day 7: We woke up early to play badminton. It was so much fun. Furniture shopping… We went to the shop where I had bought my cupboard and bought a metal bed with storage, wooden center table and a round glass dining table which was later cancelled and replaced with a wooden dining. Whenever we shop for anything we have to keep in mind my clumsiness. Anything breakable is a No… No. HD made an impulse buy in the form of a sofa cum bed which I had been coveting for quite sometime but the price deterred me. Btw… check out Reliance Living on the top floor of Reliance Digital. The furnishings and furniture are reasonable priced. AB could not believe we finished our home furniture shopping for such low prices.

And then HD left. Sigh!!!

2010 began on a good note… I managed to clear all my debts. I have invested in gold harvest scheme of ¬†Tanishq which matures in Feb. We are quite excited about making a gold purchase… our second one. The first were our rings in Dec’08.

Below are my resolutions for 2010:

  • Do not get into debt… of any sort
  • Start investments in Feb itself
  • Continue investing in gold
  • Eat healthy… lose weight in the process
  • Read more… much more
  • Blog more… much more
  • Lose my temper less often
  • Yoga or jog almost everyday
  • Keep in touch with friends… and family… only those who want to keep in touch with me
  • Learn to cook more dishes of various cuisines
  • No more accidents or scratches on the car
  • Keep adding knick knacks in the house to make it homely and welcoming
  • Do not carry work home… work only between 9 am to 6 pm… never beyond

Good night… I need to call HD before he falls asleep.