It was a lazy lazy X’Mas.

HD was supposed to come home on 25th from Bangalore… the only catch was- he had not booked tickets… so I was not sure if he planned to fly, take a bus/train or walk to Mumbai. As expected, there were no tickets available on date of journey. He decided to travel to Belgaum from B’glore… and then to Mumbai from there. Instead of arriving at 1 pm on 25th… he reached at 10 pm. Not kidding.. he travelled for 25.5 hrs. I spent the entire day waiting… thinking “Now he will come…now he will come”… I didn’t cook or take a bath (I only bathe when I have to go out… otherwise it seems like such a waste of time) or cook or move from the bean bag. So… that was X’Mas… not that I had any plans.

The next day HD woke up bright and early (6 am) for his road trip with friends to attend another friend’s wedding in Kolhapur… (YES… He passed through Kolhapur while coming to Mumbai). I left for work around 10 am panicking that I would be the last one to reach it. Surprise!!! Surprise!!! My boss had come 15 mins before me. I was diligently working till lunch when he asked me; “What time are you leaving office?”

Me: I don’t know… need to finish this work.. then interview some candidates on the phone

Him: Ok… I was not going to come to office today but since the sales co-ordinators are here… I turned up… will check my mails and leave soon. Your other colleagues are also on leave.

I lost all motivation to work… everyone is on leave… the corporate office is empty… sales targets are done… it is a slow life. I left office and was home by 3 pm. I don’t even know why I bother working on Saturdays. I am sure my boss will soon stop coming to office on Sat.

No plans for New Years… waiting for HD to return so we can make plans.

There is a mosque somewhere around the flat… the loudspeakers blare some prayers early morning at 6 amand evening too. Like HD said; “Close the windows… else we will turn Muslims hearing this every morning”. Not to be outdone some school students recite their Hindu prayers on loudspeakers at 8 am… it seems like a Hindu Muslim war on loudspeakers. Poor Moi is the sufferer. On 25th the car wash opposite the building had a celebration… again, the loudspeakers spewed some Bollywood music. Opening the windows during the day is a torture. Isn’t it bad enough that I have to tolerate traffic sounds without loudspeakers adding to the nuisance? Don’t people need permissions to use them? Whatever happened to noise pollution? Sigh!!!