I have started taking contraceptive pills… not to prevent contraception… but to counter the hormonal imbalance in my body. The first 10 days were normal and fine. I have been very scared of gaining weight (one of the side effects)… I think I have gained 1 kg already. Now the pills are playing absolute havoc… I wake up pukish… I am tired in the evenings. I would stop taking them altogether but… I need the hormones.

I have been looking for distributors in Thane… hate this part of the job. It is such a pain… 6 months out of 9 were spent looking for a distributor in Rajkot… My Boss got so bugged that he handed the job to me… and I appointed one without his intervention. Some rules to be followed while appointing a distributor:

  • Do not tell them the correct margins… like HD told me correctly; “Most dbs join companies without knowing the correct margins. Reality hits them later… by then it is too late”. He should know… he is an expert at db appointment
  • Varnish the facts. I tried placing all my cards face up on the table… nobody cared about the truth. Now I am feeding them false dreams without actually committing anything
  • I have to woo them… once they join… the power will be in my hands

Did I tell you my company is giving us a 32 inch LCD TV for meeting this year’s target??? HD is very happy… while I couldn’t care less. I have one LCD… what do I do with another one? I don’t want to sell it… and yet… there is no space to keep it. Maybe once HD shifts home he can play PS 2 on it.

Nice!!! 2 LCDs… but no furniture 🙂

Anyways… good night… I am in no mood to work these days… most people are on leave. December is a chill month… targets are done…