We had a 3 day annual conference in Kochi (Cochin). The flight was at 6.45 am… we arrived Le Meridian Hotel at 11 am. Marketing guys started with their presentations on performance of brands in 2009 and plans for 2010. I was happily sitting at one of the tables behind when my boss joined me. His Boss was trying to shift people to the front table. My Boss grabbed the opportunity for ass licking and took me along to the front table adjacent to where the top management was seated. It was quite embarrassing. After tea break he shifted behind while I was left in front looking like a fool. I avoided and ignored him from that moment onwards.

The hotel is quite tacky… rooms are not so good… loos are bad. It doesn’t seem like a 5 star. The organizer is a Mallu guy who designed a Mallu menu… which was not well taken. Some Kerala special dishes thrown in is fine.. but everything Keralite??? How about some continental?

The conference dragged on till 8.30 pm… give people the mike and they just won’t let go. After dinner we were supposed to gather for prize distribution… drinks and starters (they were ice cold) were served… all regions had prepared performances and were waiting to exhibit them. At 11 pm I left for my room.. prizes, dinner, drinks, performances be damned. The party dragged on till 4 am. Next day the presentations were done by 3 pm after which there was a boat race. I skipped it and caught up on sleep (again). People didn’t enjoy the race too much ‘coz one of the boats overturned and people had to be saved from the dirty filthy water. At 6 pm B called me asking me to come to her room… she had some gossip to share about my boss and me. I didn’t care but went anyway. There was another senior manager sitting in her room which surprised me greatly. I had not seen them together earlier. He narrated the tale of the boat upturning and left after 10 mins. B explained that he had invited himself into her room despite her reluctance. She decided to call me so he would take a hint and leave. At 10 pm I sneaked out of the gathering- just as drinks were being served. There was no way I was going to be around drunk people.

The next day some of my colleagues and seniors nicknamed me ‘Visiting Faculty’ since I never stayed long enough to party. B told me how the same man tried to invite himself to “coffee” to her room again. This time she made her “No” very clear.

I made full use of the conference by sleeping. I wish companies didn’t take us to remote locations with men who are creeps.

The women of corporate office dress so damn well. An event with dress code ‘formal’ means.. black gowns and mini dresses for women. The difference in the level of people in the corporate and regions is very visible.

B and I gossiped a lot… she told me what happens at the parties and I told her about some of the creeps.

I have been so exhausted today… and even know the thought of moving from the bean bag is torture.