I am kindof getting used to meeting HD 4-5 days in a month. Now the tears come after he has left which is an improvement ‘coz it makes him feel less worse.

He stayed for 3 whole days which is the longest since Diwali. The house looks like a tornado has hit. Some things that I love and hate and miss about him:

  • He spends most of the time sleeping… our most conversations begin with… that day when you were asleep… when we went to Goa you slept… you slept when we reached Munnar… will you fall asleep as soon as we reach home? To give an example… he slept all day on Saturday… on Sat night… Sunday afternoon… Sunday night… Sunday morning… Sunday night… Monday afternoon
  • He is absent minded… he will exchange lids of 2 different jars. I spend energy on closing the lid properly only to realize that it is the wrong one
  • He is absent minded/lazy… I remind him to latch the door once I am gone… then I remind him on gtalk on my phone to latch the door (finally he does it)… to switch on the geyser… and then take a bath… I return to find the geyser is still switched on
  • He is absent minded…  He requests me to buy a shaving cream and razor.. he has to shave before leaving. I go through the trouble… remind him to carry it with him so he can shave tomorrow. He assures me he has packed them in his bag… I return home to find them in the exact same spot I left them
  • He misses his friends… he is very happy when I decline to accompany him to meet his friends and go shopping instead… he spends a happy hour playing video games (I can understand the obsession with cars… bikes… girls… but video games????)
  • He makes me eat pulses/vegetables… I experiment cooking chole even though I am not fan.

Him: I will have 4 chappattis… always remember it… 4 is my limit

I have a bro and know that men’s appetites are very unreliable. I bake 9 chappattis…. 4 for me… 4 for him… 1 extra.

I have 3… he has 6… 🙂 and would have kept going if there was more.

  • He loves to cuddle… I wake up early and finish cleaning… he wakes up late… looks for me in the house… hugs me and sleeps beside me… which is sooooooooooooooo cute
  • He hates to be nagged… so I ensure I team up with his Mom and give her enough fodder to nag him
  • When I go to work he pings me on gtalk on my phone requesting me to come home soon… and sweet talks… I cannot resist it… come home asap… to find him asleep…

Good night people… if you have a spouse sleeping beside you consider yourself lucky. All of us take certain things for granted… but not everyone may have them…