The other day HD was telling me that we should have met in college. That would have given us more time with each other. I disagreed. I am a strong believer in time. When things come at the right time… they work out well. The right thing at the wrong time will never work out. We met at the right time… when I didnt have any baggage holding me back. The arranged marriage crap was going on which made me a commitment phobic but thats ok.

Like… my job. When I was put in the corporate office without sufficient experience in regional office I knew I would never do justice to the profile no matter how much I try. That profile required field experience. I gave up a cushy corporate life which gave me Saturdays off… access to the CEO and the top marketing guys… comfortable travelling… etc… packed my bags and left for a harder life. The logic being… my future is in the corporate office… this is the only time I can spend in the regional office.

Right time is everything. How else do you explain why something clicks with one person and not with another? Compatibility is one reason… efforts and the willingness is also a factor… so is attraction. Actually, attraction is the most important… if this is lacking it can never succeed.

I was looking at my house from a third person’s perspective and realized it is suitable only for 2 people. There are 2 chairs in the house which are used to hold grocery bags, laptop, purse etc or for sitting while putting on shoes or during pedicure. There is one bean bag in which 2 people can fit comfortably… and well… it is not used for sitting only… there are 2 cushions for resting the head. When anyone drops in (rarely) I have to ensure there is enough seating. I want to invite my ex-colleagues home but don’t have proper seating arrangement or even cups/mugs to serve tea (bought them last week). I like living like this… I can’t imagine living in a home with ALL the furniture… beds… couches… nice curtains.. tables.. etc. I guess I have never lived any other way… discounting the trips home from boarding school… my life has been like this… in Mumbai… then Gurgaon… and back to Mumbai.

Yawn!!! I have to wake up early to pick up HD at 6 am… last time he made me wait for an hour… so not funny… and when I asked him to say; “Say we are even for all the times I made you wait”… he refused… when I threatened to leave him stranded on the Airoli bridge he gave in.