Tried my hand at cooking Chicken Bhurji… it was a disaster. I can cook vegetables… they can either be fried or boiled… I avoid frying as much as possible but with chicken.. I am not sure. And there was only one recipe available online which did not have timings… anyway, better luck next time.

I don’t experiment on HD ‘coz he is quite fussy about food. I remember the first time I had cooked for him… it was egg bhurji in Mumbai… It turned out to be very salty but he gamely ate it… can’t expect the same now… not that he criticises me… but he will eat junk instead… and I hate to do that to him on the 4 days in a month that he comes home.

I am thinking of moving blogs… don’t groan… I don’t have much to do online…a new blog will keep me busy.

Indians drag their kids everywhere they go. Grocery shopping on Sunday is a nightmare and I avoid it as much as possible. At the hypermarket next to my house there are kids everywhere. Why can’t one parent stay outside with the kids while the other shops? Some of them place their kids in a trolley and shop… even new borns… how weird is that!!!

At Croma today one couple was standing in front of the cash counter and feeding a new born milk from the bottle. Not kidding!!! Let me put that in BOLD. FEEDING MILK FROM THE BOTTLE AT THE CROMA CASH COUNTER BLOCKING PEOPLE’S WAY.

Leaving home on a Sunday is torture… you never know where kids will cross your path. Ok ok… I don’t like kids.. and don’t sympathise with HD ‘coz he couldn’t care either.

The women’s trial rooms in Lifestyle are located in a bad location which beats all logic… you have to cross the lingerie section to reach them. Men generally wait outside trial rooms to give their opinion on the woman’s clothes… they have to wait in the lingerie section which would be embarrassing for most men (not HD though)… and also for women shopping for the lingerie… they have to discuss their bra sizes and types with men around. Why would anyone have the trial rooms there? Beats me.

Anyways… back to Desperate Housewives… good night… Btw, HD is also a fan of the series which is good… common interests when it comes to TV are helpful. Major household fights are caused by this. In yesterday’s episode… a wife killed a husband when he confessed to cheating on her. It shocked HD… which is good.