Hi… the exhaustion of the 5 days has caught up. I can barely move.

I would reach office at 9-9.30 am.. my boss would turn up at 10 am and the other colleagues anywhere between 10.30-11.30 am. It sucked ‘coz I would skip b’fast and yoga every morning. Colleagues killed time in office by gossiping and taking long ciggie/lunch breaks while I worked. At 5/5.30 pm they would begin work and then stay till late. Initially my Boss arrived in office at 8.30 am and worked till 10 pm… now he can’t wait to leave at 6 pm. Sometimes I feel like I am working in Kolkata.

I had my appraisal today… it was surprisingly good. I expected my Boss to give some negative feedback under the head ‘areas of improvement’ but he was positive… atleast to my face. I don’t know if he has said anything to his Boss behind my back. The rating I get will make things clear. Unfortunately, the increment will happen in June/July’10 and confirmation in Jan’10.

I am in no mood to work tomorrow… will start the day late and wind up early.

Why can’t we have 5 days work week? 6 days is tooooo much. I don’t understand the concept of 5 days work week for corporate office and 6 for regional offices.

Good night. I love the movie … ‘Luck By Chance’… can watch it over and over and over again.