So…. for the first time I looked at my expenses and finances head on instead of shying away.

2009 has been an expensive year… first the marriage… honeymoon… then switching jobs and re-locating to Mumbai. Hopefully, 2010 will be better.

I have started writing down my expenses this month onwards- I used to do it in college. I knew where the money was flowing out but didn’t have the exact numbers. The expenses have been put under different heads- “travel”, “food”, “entertainment”, “loan”, “house”, “rent”, “groceries” etc in an excel sheet. Call me crazy… but I have also put targets or budgets for December. My expenses under each head are not allowed to exceed the budgeted numbers. I never expected to live within a budget… but thats life.

From next year I will hire a tax consultant or CA to help me invest and reduce tax.

Some very surprising numbers I came across:

  • I spend upto Rs 1000 on parking alone… Since work involves going to Malls and office does not have proper parking spaces… I end up paying an astronomical amount on parking which is not reimbursed by the company
  • I end up spending Rs 2500 per month on eating out… this does not include expenditure on food spent on the field which is reimbursed by the company… I don’t even splurge on weekends on food… money is generally spent on nights that I come home late and cannot cook

The other day I was telling HD that we will join Salsa lessons when he shifts to Mumbai… he freaked out.

HD: How many things will we do on a Sunday??? Go to the gym… play Badminton… clean house… cook… Salsa lessons… grocery shopping… I am already not looking forward to shifting back

Sigh!!! If HD is shifted to Mumbai… I will let him sleep all Sunday and not move his lazy ass… I promise, God.