The day began well… I reached late to office. I had my excuses ready… but Boss turned up later. The morning was spent following up on stuff. I had been sending mails trying to resolve an issue for 15 days. The morning was spent sitting with the concerned people and I got it all done. Then there was a discussion with Boss with updates and status on work… he made notes. He will need them during discussion with his Boss…. He has to plan for next year. A good manager would sit with his team and make the plan… guide them… and explain how it is to be done. My boss told me to do it. I asked him; “But how??? How can I predict what sales nos to plan for next year?” He said; “Tukka kabhi nahi maara??”

Me: If you send tukke wale nos to your Boss they will come back to me as sales targets

Him: No… No… they won’t

Unbelievable!!! It is at times like this that I miss my old company.We planned for realistic sales nos.

Anyway… a friend invited me for his house warming party at Powai. He just bought a 2 bhk fully furnished flat for 70 lakh there. A background on the “friend”. We met in September 2007 for matrimonial purposes. It didn’t work out but we became sort of friends. He got married last year… and attended my marriage party this year with his wife. We have not met since then even though he stays only 30 mins away.

By house warming party I assumed there would be a party at home with dinner, drinks and friends. I was taken aback to see a full blown family affair… relatives had come down from Gujarat and Ulhasnagar. His mom was shocked to see me… and greeted me with; “You have gained sooooooooo much weight”. I wanted to kill her then. Actually, I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me for gaining weight. I imagined her thought bubble reading; “Thank god my son didn’t marry her. I would have been devastated” while mine read; “Thank god she is not my mother in law… I would be expected to behave like a typical daughter in law”. I left within 30 mins… the house was ok but they are happy with it. Thats all that matters.

It is so weird… parents place importance on things like… is my kid good-looking? Is he/she thin? Is he/she married to a rich spouse? Is he/she earning a lot of money?

There is no consideration for… is my kid happy? Is he/she independent… capable of handling whatever life throws at him/her? Are not these the most important questions and those that may or may not lead to above?

My good friend had a 3rd break up. I was his 2nd break up. I was hoping this one works out. The break up was ‘coz he is of SC/ST which is such a pathetic reason to get rejected for. He is anyway insecure about it and now this. Really!!! I don’t understand how it matters. People place premium on the irrelevant things.

Good night people.