I don’t know what to write. It is raining in Mumbai. I thought it marks the arrival the arrival of winter but later heard about the cyclone. For once the fan has been switched off.

There is a video doing the rounds on facebook. It has DK dancing with friends at a friend’s wedding. The dance is hilarious. He had mentioned on the phone that he was practising for some dance. I never imagined it was this bad. HD and I had a good laugh and I pulled DK’s leg. Apparently, it is a Punjabi tradition where friends have to perform at the wedding. DK threatened that I would also have to dance at AB’s wedding (Assumption: AB will marry before DK).

Me: You will definitely have a high profile wedding

DK: High profile in Delhi these days is wedding abroad and all… all guests are flown abroad for the wedding

Me: Wow!!! You Punjabis surpass all expectations and limitations

I am watching Kingfisher Model Hunt… it has hot females in bikinis… Shobha De judging… Milind Soman anchoring.

I like Milind… he can act and is super duper hot.