Yesterday the sales head invited us to a drinks party at Hard Rock Cafe at 8 pm. The thought of coming home at midnight did not appeal to me. And yet… the party would have all the people who can help me further my career. I was confused… If I attended I would be exhausted… and miserable and wishing I was asleep in my bed. And then I thought… I don’t care… I don’t care who is throwing the party… I just want to go home and thats what I will do. I don’t understand this whole party and drinking concept in the corporate world. Do people think buying someone drinks makes them more loyal or satisfied with their job??? AB and DK buy drinks for their team when they want to get them drunk and get information out of them. My team guys went on and on having tequila shots at the team dinner. I stopped them after the 4th one and made them pay for the drinks the next day. It is not part of my job profile to get them drunk. They can do that at their own time and with their own money. Why this obsession with drinking? I just don’t get it.

Pros of not attending the party last night:

  • I didn’t have to give a lift to my drunk colleagues who returned home at 2 am
  • I didn’t have to interact with my drunk Boss and watch him dance
  • I was home asleep by 10 pm

A 4th ASM has been added to our team. He abused his team member so much on the first day… that guy quit the job. Sigh!!! There was no reason for him to get so nasty so soon. Everyone should be given a chance… and respect for the other person is very important. The first step has to be to gain confidence of your team… then train and guide them… if things don’t improve… give a warning… and then he/she can be fired. A lot of people assume firing a team member or a distributor will instil fear and help them gain respect. I am not sure it works.

HD met with a bad accident today… thankfully he was not hurt. The car has been damaged. It is so strange… he has been upset, frustrated and worried about the car all day but didn’t stop and thank his luck. He is fine… and he had people around to help him out. It could have been much worse. I wish he would quit. I have offered him the option of quitting, staying at home and finding another job. I know what it feels like for him. I went through the same in Gurgaon and he had missed his last trip with college friends, borrowed money and stayed with me for 10 days. Wish I could do something similar for him.

Good night then… will catch on the weekend.