No… I am not talking about sex… but since we are on the topic…my first time was like anybody else’s… Over-rated.

I have been talking too much about work… but what to do… HD changes the topic everytime I bring it up… and DK and AB are too busy…we have not spoken for days.

I wanted to write this post for quite sometime now…. it is on a topic which has grabbed 50% market share of my attention in last 2 months… “periods or chums or menstruation”

There are 2 most important moments in a teenage girl’s life:

1) The day she starts her periods

2) The day she starts wearing a bra

I have studied in an all girls’ school and stayed in a co-ed hostel. Sex education (theoretical not practical) was quite early… We had sex education class in 9th std conducted by a nun… it was the most boring class ever…’coz we knew everything by then. But I am digressing… I don’t remember who told me about periods… but I do remember one late night… my sis and me were about to sleep in our room at home… she tried to tell me about periods and stuff… I freaked out and replied; “I know everything… you don’t have to tell me”. Thankfully, she didn’t prod. I probably didn’t know about eggs, ovulation and stuff…. at that age I didn’t care.

Every girl in school wanted to start her periods for the 1st time in the hostel and not at home during holidays… it gave her a new status… she became part of the “mature” group… and the ones who had not started were looked down upon. Girls generally start when they are in 7th or 8th std… sometimes later… but nowadays girls mature faster… it is common for a female in 5th std to start menstruating… Imagine explaining menstruation, sex and pregnancy to a female in 4th std??? Scary!!!

It is a very messy process (for the sake of my male readers I will not get into details)… it takes years to be able to notice the body/mood changes just before periods are supposed to begin. Until then you have to remember the specific date and pray they are regular or carry sanitary for emergencies else it can get messy and embarrassing. Thankfully, sanitary is stocked in most stores and girls are confident enough to buy them on their own without shame or embarrassment (Thanks to HUL and PG for breaking the mind block).

After the excitement of “first time” wears off, the reality of the troublesome process dawns on most females. Thats when they curse themselves… wishing they were not born females. Stupid rules followed in some households only add to the hate…

  • You should stay away from idols of Gods during “those days”… you will make the worship place unclean
  • You should not cook/enter the kitchen
  • You should not have sex

The above are the most common ones…  the prejudices came up in the old days when there was no sanitary… obviously a female ended up making a mess and had to be isolated. Humans defy logic… at all times.

Then we thought… men have it so easy… in 7th std one female told us about “wet dreams” and men passing out a “white fluid”… we were so happy to know we were not the only ones suffering.

PS: Sorry if I grossed out anybody… all views are most welcome.