Hello people… I have been extremely worried about month end. I didn’t meet my target last month but I did inform my Boss about the final sales no mid month. The Sales Head had a meeting to figure out if something is wrong somewhere. I vowed not to let it happen this month. Of course… the target is quite high but I have given a realistic no. Last night I could not sleep… I was that worried. Thankfully, things are looking up. I will achieve the planned no.

I feel bad for my Boss… he must be getting sleepless nights every month end… he has not been able to meet nos since he joined. He requested me to make up for the shortage by the other ASMs and I assured him I would do all I can… but I have no such intention. I will meet my target… so I am in the clear… but if my Boss does not meet his target… he is screwed. Revenge is sweet!!! And… two can play the game.

I spoke to my previous team member today… I have not kept in touch with them… ‘coz I never bonded too much with these guys. I was not too happy in Rajkot and that made me hate my team a little. I never interacted beyond work. They are good guys… very hard working. It is so strange… if a company wants people to perform well… with enthusiasm… all they need to do is meet the employee’s expectations… I mean, if my previous company would have shifted me to Mumbai… I would have worked with more enthusiasm… but then again,why should they care? They got their sales nos… thats all that matters. People come… and people go… there are always people waiting to replace current employees.

I have spent this week interviewing candidates to join my team. This is my first experience as an interviewer and I don’t know how to gauge people. Some things I am particular about:

  • Candidates should turn up for the interview…not kidding. Everyday there is atleast one person who does not turn up
  • Candidates should turn up on time… there is always one candidate who turns up late without informing… late does not mean 15 mins late… but one full hour. I generally take interviews in a CCD near the market I am working… imagine waiting in CCD for 60 mins for some interviewee to turn up. The other ASMs conduct interviews in office… so punctuality is not a criteria. The other day I left after waiting for 15 mins… the candidate calls me an hour later; “I have come for the interview. I said; “Thanks so much… but I have left”. I asked the HR to reject this guy… for some reason she sent him again…I turned him away. I did feel bad…. but c’mon… if this is the state now… I cannot expect any meetings with him to begin on time once he joins.
  • Work experience in the relevant area
  • I decide if I am going to select him within 5 mins of the interview… I prefer honest people… rather than guys who lie or make up stories. There was one guy who told me the culture in his current company is similar to the culture in mine and so he wants to join us. I sent him away without a goodbye. There was another one who didn’t know the market share of his brand and came up with random nos… all his random nos totalled to 150%…Unbelievable!!! There was another who switched companies within 6 months ‘coz “the opportunity came to him”. Hahahaha!!! Job opportunities don’t come to you till you start looking for them.
  • I don’t care which company he is working in currently… it maybe a B class company… it is his role and justification of the work that matters to me. I have come across good guys from bad companies and bad guys from good companies.
  • Proper justification for the reason for leaving… money should not be a reason… even if it is… don’t say it. I don’t decide how much package will be offered to him…no point mentioning it to me.

Everytime one of my team member comes in the car with me… I get into trouble. The 1st time my car got towed away… and I didn’t have the PUC… the 2nd time I was caught breaking the traffic signal in front of my house… I still didn’t have the PUC and insurance has expired… the 3rd time the front wheel got stuck in an open manhole. I am very scared of travelling with him in the car.

Chalo… bye bye… I am off to watch a movie on my new DVD player… Catch you people tomorrow.