Hi… This is not expected of me… online at this hour. I have been online since 6.15 am… was tracking my investments… planning to pull out money from non performing MFs. This is fun.

I dropped HD to the airport. We took the Powai and Andheri route since we had to reach within 30 mins. I took the Sion- Chembur route on my return. It is a road I know so well… every nook, crevice, bump etc is familiar… and I needed the familiar.

Everytime HD and I part it is like my heart is being ripped out… and then we meet again… the heart heals… and it hurts again… every month… over and over again.

Sometimes I wonder “Did we marry too soon?”… I don’t think so… I am better off married to him… atleast I can live with him openly.

I have taken the day off today… it will either help me feel better or I will end up depressed. I am tempted to go to work to take my mind off HD… but few days later I will crave for this break.