I have not wished anyone… unless people have stepped in my way and I have had no other option but to reply back. I guess I have become a little lazy… I mean… whats the point?

Let me begin with Thursday. HD was landing at 11 pm… I was quite excited… the plan was to stick around in Andheri till 11 and then pick him up from the airport. No point driving all the way to Mulund and back. My school friend ‘B’ and I decided to go shopping at Lokhandwala. I needed foot wear… desperately. Any brand costs atleast 1k which is tooooooo expensive. I wanted 1 chappals, 1 gladiator sandals and 1 formal… there was no way I was going to spend 3k for footwear which may not last 6 months (bad experience with Lee Cooper and Catwalk). Lokhandwala with its reasonable prices and trendy stuff was the best bet. Friday and Sat being holidays I had to get my stocks into stores by Thurs or Friday… One person (a guy in my team but senior to me) didn’t do his work right ‘coz of which there was a lot of last moment stuff to be organized. I was working on the laptop in my car in the parking lot of a Mall… Had to move to Costa Coffee for charging it. Anyway…shopping was fun… I purchased 3 pairs of footwear for 1500 bucks (how cool is that???)… 1 top for 175 bucks (which fits quite well)… and rangoli colors. I am dying to shop there again. B works in the production team of a dance show on Sony. We went to her office and then I headed to the airport.

Friday was relaxed… we went shopping… HD bought gifts for his family… He bought me a wallet and purse of Baggit which I had been coveting for 2 weeks now… we bought a tee shirt and PS 2 games for him… and a DVD player for home. In the evening I made an untidy rangoli and lit diyas. We went for a late night drive till Powai with HD in the driver’s seat and wound up with Green Apple vodka and Appy Fizz (HD’s obsession currently).

Saturday… I can’t remember what we did on Sat morning and afternoon… I can’t believe it is Sunday already… I just have one more day with him… time has flown… sigh!!!

It is nice to see all the decorations… people looking happy… dressed up… kids enjoying holidays. I have never noticed Diwali like this… we skipped fire crackers bursting this year… it is such a waste of money, time… not to mention the pollution.

Happy Diwali… I will be back with more updates. Yenjoy!!!