Hiya… sorry… I was gone…

Last week was not very good but it was productive. I like my work… the job and profile. I just hate my Boss. Last week he was rude, insulting and raised his voice with me even though I was not at fault. I mean… he misread the sales nos and instructed me to “match nos”. I refused and told him to speak properly. Things went out of hand. He cross checked the nos with other colleagues and realized he was wrong but didn’t have the courtesy to apologize. After thinking over it for 2 days and consulting AB, DK and current colleagues I met the Sales Head (his boss) and complained about him. The Sales Head heard me out and suggested I speak to my Boss directly first. In case things are not sorted out he will intervene. I did that… my Boss denied being rude to me… we had a chat and I realized he had a list of complaints against me documented in his head. He told me I am stubborn… I do the work I like quite well and ignore the rest… which is true. I made it very clear; “I cannot do anything I am not convinced with… no matter what”. I don’t believe in kow towing to someone’s authority… especially someone who is not as smart as me… and I am not being arrogant. My Boss knows nothing… really… he can’t justify or defend even one sales no without the ASMs around. It is quite demeaning having to work with a person of such intellect.

Sigh!!! Elections on Tuesday… so chutti. Planning to go shopping at Lokhandwala… have wanted to do that for months now.

Working between holidays is torture… I am waiting for Tuesday… finished half of the house cleaning today… will complete the other half day after. I want to buy plants for the balcony and some wind chimes as well. I love wind chimes. My best friend had gifted me one years back… it was part of my room in engg hostel and then B school hostel.

I spent 3.5 hours in the parlour today and feel completely relaxed. It is so nice to be pampered once in a month. Maybe next month I will get a massage… love massages… The one HD and I had taken in Munnar was amazing.

I am desperately waiting for Friday night when HD will come home. I am not the best at picking him up… specially in the mornings. Last time when he came I promised to pick him up from Chembur at 6 am…  but could not wake up. Poor guy took a cab… and he never ever fails to pick me up and drop me off no matter how much the distance or what the time. I do the drop offs… pick ups are difficult at odd times.

Grocery shopping is done… don’t know if shops will be open on Tuesday… once HD is here he will take up all my time and attention.

Chalo… good night… will update more often.