I am so sleepy today…. I came home last night or today morning at 2 am. I got a call from my ex-colleague last evening.

Him: Hi… where are you? Today is B’s b’day

Me: Oh!! Is it? I will drop by at the office to wish him

B is an ex-colleague who turned 50. The other ASMs pull his leg with me. He had once likened me to ‘Preity Zinta’ (quite a joke) and narrated an impromptu poem during my Farewell. At the office everyone was busy making presentations. The plan was to go for dinner to ‘Out of the Blue’ which is my fav restaurant. My ex-Boss (BM) also joined us… I ordered a small Cosmopolitan but BM changed it to a large one. All my protests of “I have to drive back” fell on deaf ears. There was live music… conversation was not bad… BSM joined us a little later. We have been trying to get him to invite us to his house for idlis or filter coffee unsuccessfully for a year now. At midnight these guys decided to head to his house. BSM didn’t refuse… but he didn’t agree either. He escaped us by taking an auto home… one car out of 3 followed him there. We reached his building but yet he would not let us in. We were shocked and disgusted… and left.

Disclaimer: I am not obsessed with entering his house… the other guys are.

We headed for coffee at 1 am to CCD at Bandstand. The last time I went to BS was 2 years back with a friend. We left when we saw hordes of couples making out. It looks beautiful at 1 am… now I know why people want to stay near the sea.

Thankfully, BM dropped me home by driving along with me. I was too scared to drive alone at 1.30 am. Not everyone is that courteous… which is one thing I appreciate about my ex-colleagues.

My current colleague had been hitting on me… bugged and tired of giving subtle hints I confronted him and asked him to back off… now he is acting all weird. Some people just don’t know what it is to be professional. How can anyone put their career at stake by flirting with a colleague? That was a “No No” for me even when I was single. He was stupid enough to write such stuff on SMS. My older, wiser, experienced friend in B School always advised me to “Think before putting anything in writing”… I have been careful in the corporate life about it.

Anyways… In the morning I was feeling smug about how I have been handling my Boss these days… there had no conflicts… Unfortunately, we fought today. I hate that man… AB has asked me to lie low till confirmation. After that I can think of complaining against him or something. Kuch toh karna padega.

Chalo… people… I am sooooo damn sleepy. Good night!!!