Ignore the title. I was in B’glore to meet HD this weekend. I left office at 3 pm and rushed to Malad to buy gifts for Ann and Appu…  and almost missed the flight. Kingfisher is the best airline… the staff is courteous… flights are mostly on time… they don’t have stupid rules like “If you are even 1 min late we will not let you board the flight”… the food is good… there is a TV screen on the plane… It was so nice to see HD…. his company guest house is in a very good area of Ulsoor. B’glore airport is good… really good… even though it is far.

As soon as I entered B’glore… memories came flooding back… I have spent so much time in this city… and left a part of my heart there. The weather is good… people follow traffic rules… men are cute… women have very good hair cuts (noticed it this time)… every area has good pubs… it is clean and green… the malls are quite good… people cross the road at zebra crossing only (in Mumbai people run across the road anytime… anywhere).

HD and I met up with Ann and Appu… Appu was meeting him for the first time. First meetings between friends and HD always make me nervous. I mean… combining 2 different parts of my life is complicated. I think he got bored with the girly talk around him… but he did say (very sportingly) “I get to have dinner with 3 females… what more can a guy want?”. I was a little surprised with the change in Appu and HD kept telling me; “Its her life.. let her be… why are you affected so much?” I couldn’t explain to him that my friendships are more interferring than his are. Meaning… guys are buddy buddy friends… they don’t talk emotions or feelings… while women need to know everything about their friends and offer advice and interfere.

The plan for day 2 was lunch with another school friend… coffee with B school friend (lets call him T)… and then dinner at Appu’s house with her hubby and Ann. I also wanted to take HD to 13th floor which is my fav lounge in B’glore. I was quite excited. At 4 am HD had a nightmare and woke up screaming… he dreamed that someone had plunged a knife into my back. It was very scary and freakish. The morning was subdued and HD was a little put off with the jam packed schedule. He had 2 days with me and I had planned out the day socialising. I thought it a little unfair… I am supportive enough to hang out with his friends and family whenever he is in Mumbai… why can’t he do the same just once in a year? But then again… it wouldn’t matter so much if we were not apart. I decided to cancel all plans… it was too late to cancel lunch… and lunch turned out to be a little boring… we decided to watch ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’… walked out within 45 mins. What were they thinking??? I don’t like such dramatic sports movies… Lagaan is fine… Chak De is great.. Goal is silly… and DBH is too LS (low society). We could not order dinner at home ‘coz we didn’t have enough cash and walked to the nearest restaurant. It started raining… HD was cribbing and I said; “Stop it!!! The weather is so beautiful… it is cold… we are in B’glore and walking together. Just enjoy the moment”.

The parting was torture as always… HD and I debated on Mumbai Vs B’glore… I am all ga ga about B’glore… the weather… the streets… clean roads… good public transport… nice huge houses… familiar hang outs… lots of pubs…

Mumbai has bad weather… good areas like South Mumbai are far far away… houses are tiny… people have no traffic sense… most good pubs are centered in Bandra… streets are dirty… slums everywhere. But Mumbai scores over the most important thing over B’glore… safety. It is the only city where I can be out till midnight without a worry.

It feels good to be back home… I missed it.

Am I??? Am I not??? I am not!!!