I didn’t have a great evening… it could have been good but… anyway… I have realized music can sooth me. Listening to music even in horrible shitty traffic keeps me calm and keeps frustration away.

I organized a meeting of my promoters. Promoters are females in stores who sell our products and merchandise them. Some what like a salesman on the field. My SO messaged early morning to say he is ill and wont be able to come for the meeting. He was supposed to deliver the presentation. The training manager messaged to say she will get late for her session and we should start without her. The trade marketing manager did not return my call yesterday and I was not sure he would come. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I hoped atleast the promoters would turn up. My Boss also made excuses and got out of attending it.

Then… the Key Accounts Manager landed up and took the training. The trade marketing manager also came and contributed. The training manager confirmed her presence. Everything went smoothly. This was the first training session organized/conducted by me and I was so nervous. I am not a people person… I am not the one who can just get up on stage and deliver impromptu speeches… or make jokes to connect with the audience… or be a people person… sometimes… I can do all that… and take myself by surprise… mostly, I can’t. But… it worked out fine. Everytime I visit an outlet I plan to take the promoter out for lunch or coffee or something… these little things do help in motivating people. I have changed their incentive structure so that they can earn some extra money. Hope I am on the right track.

There are celebrations y… Id… Navratri… Diwali… people need reasons to pamper themselves. Festivals have never been important to me… Navratri has no meaning… neither does Diwali. I looked at the decorations on the street and felt a little lonely. Was it ‘coz HD and I fought? I don’t know… whenever we fight… my world goes dark. What if HD was with me… would I still feel lonely? Maybe… some amount of loneliness is good… it helps retain myself. The loneliness reminds me “I am still ME”… and no matter how close I am to HD… I will always be ME…

Off to B’glore tomorrow to spend the long weekend with HD… will meet Ann and friends… Yippie!!!

Today an acquaintance buzzed me on GTalk. He is a junior from my engg college. He used to chat regularly when I was in B School and he was working as an engineer. He was frustrated and wanted to enter advertising. I remember speaking to my Advertising course Prof (who heads B’glore office at Saatchi and Saatchi) for tips on entering an ad agency on his behalf. He later joined a hot shot advertising course. We have not chatted since then. He buzzed me ‘coz he is scouting outside campus for jobs. What an asshole!!! I didn’t offer to help and ended the conversation. This has happened… another acquaintance had contacted last year for projects in my company… he has not kept in touch after that. These people make it soooo obvious!!! They need to learn PR… either you do or you don’t. Nobody is going to help out if they make their ulterior motives so obvious. My sub ordinate from IIM-B (the one I have mentioned in previous posts) is earning less than what I did when I joined work… and I am from a B class B school. Thats how bad the market situation is.