I am exhausted… broke my favorite pair of footwear ‘coz of strenous driving. I will have to keep one pair in the car only for driving and change into another pair while leaving the car. What a pain!!!

Even though the exercises didnt seem too hectic today… I could not run on the treadmill. My ankle seemed sensitive. I managed to grocery shop in that state.  When I got home I curled up on the bean bag. My energy was at an all time low. I could not move… but there were things to do. I had to cook… ordering food was not an option. Finally, I got off my ass.. had dinner… and now I am worried I won’t wake up tom.

Tomorrow is special… very special… HD is home for 2 days. I spent 45-60 mins trying to convince him to come home. I don’t like the idea of him staying alone on the long weekend… so… he is coming!!!


Things are a little weird at work… sales nos are no happening… and they are beyond my control. My colleague is behaving in a weird manner… he seems to be having a cold war with me and I don’t know why. Anyways… I’d rather concentrate on work than on office politics. I want to be THAT female who does her work right and then heads home… 🙂