Hiya… I am exhausted. I drove 100 km today… Mulund to Malad to Andheri to Vakola to Wadala to Mulund. I have been working out in the gym regularly ‘coz of which my legs have been hurting anyway. The gym instructor really pushes me to the edge… which is good. In Rajkot the instructors let me work out at my pace. And I have lost 1 more kg. I have lost 4-5 kgs since I moved to Mumbai. HD finds it a cause of concern. I am not too worried… I had been staying in hotels and eating out. Obviously, the home cooked food (atleast dinner… lunch is out only) is having a good effect. Some of my body functions have gone for a toss… but things should get better.

My daily routine is as below:

7:00 am: Wake up when the maid comes

7-8 am: Get dressed

8-9-10 am: Leave home… depending on which area I am working in

10-6: Work/drive

7 pm: Home

8 pm: Gym

9 pm: Cook

9.30/10 pm: Dinner

10-12.30/1: Online

My work invloves going to malls and meeting buyers of retail chains… very interesting. But my sub-ordinates are quite lethargic and complacent. I don’t know why… I didn’t come across such people in my previous organization. There is no fear here… no fear of losing the job… no fear of a boss… which is strange. I am concentrating on getting fear into their lives.

I have poached the best guy of the ASM in my previous company. He is going to be pissed… but I need the best people reporting to me right now. To be honest… I didn’t poach him. My Boss had kept his CV on hold. I decided to recruit him right away ‘coz I know he is good… even though he was not too impressive in the interview.

This Management Trainee from IIM-B reporting to me is pretty dumb. I mean… c’mon.. she is from IIM. She is not street smart at all. I was 100 times better than her… I still am. Yesterday she was complaning that the current organization has taken MTs from Symbiosis which is so not great. What crap!!! These institutes don’t bloody matter…

What airs these IIM people put on!!! Just hype.

Chalo… I will massage my legs else they will be too sore tom also… Mulund to Bhandup to Navi Mumbai to Santa Cruz to Mulund… sigh!!!