Hiya… Life is settling into a routine. I have stopped going to office too often… spend most of my time in the market. This way I can avoid my Boss and his crap work. I overload him with data and analysis to keep him busy. His brains are quite slow… it helps keep him off my back.

During my farewell my Boss had mentioned my positives and negatives as a tribute. He said I know how to keep my personal and professional life separate. He knew the upheavels going on in my personal life few months back.. but at no point of time did it affect my work. My subordinates had no hint that I was going through crap. On the other hand, if my sub ordinates had family problems I was aware about them… it got reflected in their mood.

The other day DK and AB were telling me how they wouldn’t always want to marry the girl they sleep with. I was disappointed. My mind said; “There we go again… most men are the same”. I am not saying that sex means marriage… but why separate female species into “Will sleep with”… “Will take home to parents for marriage”. That is so much crap. It does not reflect on the female… but on the guy’s mindset… I would term it “confused”. Heaven help the female looking for marriage and sleeping with this guy. Guys… help me understand!!! I know.. I know… DK and AB live with their parents and will not even dream of moving out. It is so much convenient like this… parents have a house…  expenses are low…  there is a  large amount of freedom. Why move out? Just find a girl who can move in and “adjust”. And until they find such a female they have to exercise their hormones. But…

Anyway… I am exhausted. I think I will read a little. I need to consume some calcium… there are white spots on my nails.