It was Sat… I had to catch a flight at 5 pm to Delhi. I was not feeling too well… It was raining cats and dogs in Mulund and Thane. The water level reached my car tyres…  everything was telling me; “Don’t go”.

I called AB and DK and cancelled the trip… they pleaded with me to atleast try. I was adamant.

At 3 pm I called them; “I am at the airport… have checked in… will arrive at 7 pm… pick me up”. HD was coming to Delhi on Sunday night. I needed to see him… talk to him… hug him… he is like a drug I need to consume every fortnight.

At Delhi AB and DK were late… they arrived in DK’s new Honda City… I fell in love with the car. My wish of driving it was not granted… The drive was amazing… there was good music… beer… smooth drive… good company. I was shocked to see them drinking and driving… People are scared of doing that in Mumbai. We talked… laughed… bitched… it was soooo awesome.

We headed to Pataudi Palace which is 70 km from Delhi towards Rajasthan. We could not find rooms in Neemrana which is a fort in Rajasthan 120 km from Delhi and had to stay here instead. The rooms and food is expensive and not worth it. I don’t like staying in palaces… they creep me out. I was too scared to stay alone in the room. AB and DK had asked me to stay with them but I turned the offer down. It would be weird. We have lived together… but… now I am shaadi shuda and all it didn’t seem appropriate.

We had dinner.. DK had brought home cooked food for me since I was ill. We had drinks and went to sleep. At 8 am AB chased the peacock and caught her in different poses. After b’fast we headed to Neemrana… DK was not feeling too well and we decided to skip drinks. Neemrana is a nice fort… lot of photo ops.  We headed back to Delhi in the evening to pick up HD from the airport. Exhausted and hungry we reached DK’s farmhouse on MG road. It is a huge mansion and I was shocked to know he is so rich. I mean… I had an idea.. but a mansion in Delhi??? Wow!!! We discussed Mumbai Vs Delhi… the cities… people… culture…

A lot of the discussions on the trip centered around AB and DK’s non-existent sex life. I strongly advised them to have sex and get it over with… not with each other… but with other females. They have been finding it a little difficult to think beyond sex… it is like a fog around their mind.

All in all… a damn good trip. I miss them already!!!

I never imagined AB, DK and I would end up being such good friends… I wish we were staying in the same city.

Anyways… I am exhausted. Good night!!!