Hi… didn’t have a good day… argued with Boss… it was quite humiliating… it is humiliating that I have to report and work with such intellectually challenged people… Sigh!!!

He didn’t let me attend an important meeting ‘coz of his ego. I will teach that bastard a lesson in my own way. Right now I need to concentrate on performing and gaining trust of my colleagues and superiors. Once I start delivering sales numbers I can throw as much attitude as I want to.

HD is quite happy… ‘coz now I am working in an organization as inefficient as his… he feels I will understand his plight better since we are at the same level.

Nayan left office to spend sometime with me ‘coz I was upset. Instead of making me feel better… it had the opposite effect. When I am upset I like the other person to mollify me… say “Its ok.. it will be fine… Boss is an asshole… ” He started hitting when the iron was hot.. asking me to be more diplomatic… advising me to keep my ego aside. I just wanted to be left alone… I didn’t want stupid and correct advice.

Anyways… I have started using my b’day gift from HD… it is a digital photo frame… I added pics of my good friends and it is a pleaure to see them every night.. very comforting. There is HD… his personal photos… Ann.. Apps… AB… DK.. most friends… somehow there are no pics before B-school… thats a part of my life which seems mostly irrelevant now.

There is a pic with Ann and Apps… we are working on some presentation. I remember that night clearly… we were working… Ann was begging her laptop to work properly… there was laughing… brain storming… the pics capture all of it. Those were good times. Not the simplest of times… but yeah I did have good friends… and thankfully atleast one has lasted…