Hiya… we had an All India Managers’ Meet in Hotel Sun N Sand on Friday and Sat. In layman terms… we listenedto boring ppts from people of all divisions. Everyone was looking forward to Friday night… most people stayed in the hotel since travelling from Juhu to home and back would be very time consuming. I was very reluctant to stay but the commute didn’t make sense. After the ppts we headed for drinks and late dinner to the hall. There was no music/DJ playing… mingling with people was not too much fun… most females had left for home… my colleagues were busy with their own interactions… my Boss was ignoring us (his team of 3 managers). I got bugged and left for my room.

My colleague… lets call him Nayan invited me to the Juhu beach. The choice was between sleeping alone in the room or having some drinks and good conversation at the beach… I picked the latter. We poured vodka into a Sprite bottle and headed to the beach… and then to Marine Drive. I like Marine drive… it is my favorite place in Mumbai… HD and I have spent many evenings here. We passed the Bandra Worli sea link also. Dinner was at Jazz by the Bay… and then back to the hotel at 2 am. I called AB for a review of ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ and he just wouldn’t hang up.

All day today I was dozing in the ppts… and now I am sooooo exhausted.

Pri was supposed to shift in my house for a month since her lease has expired. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I was looking forward to it.

Anyways.. will post more tomorrow… need to bitch about my Boss.