Hiya… please ignore previous post and forgive me. I was very very very upset and could not post since I am aware of the people reading the blog… which pissed me off considerably. I decided to start another blog but the idea of starting all over again seems like an effort. I am not ready… not yet. Being alone means I long for the familiar… even if it is an old blog. Somehow this blog means more than it was meant to be.

My old maid quit yesterday… she cannot leave her 4 year old daughter and come at 7 am. I was sad to see her go… I knew her for only a month.

Life is fine… I like my job… I can start work at 11 am… visit malls and shop for grocery… and wind up at 6 pm. Small problem though.. my boss is an asshole… he is useless.. brainless and a pain in the wrong places. He makes the other 2 ASMs work late nights… calls/smses them at all hours. Last night he called me at 9 pm… I didn’t answer and didn’t call back either. He got the msg… today he smsed instead of calling. There is so much to do… I mean… there is A, B, C, D… I have to complete the rest. Initially I was worried… will I be able to do it? Am I competent enough? But now I don’t have any doubts.

There is a female from IIM-B reporting to me. She is a Management Trainee in her sales stint. I don’t know whether to sympathise with her or with myself… No matter which the B school they are all crap.. and what they teach is plain gaaassss…. B schools are about placements… they don’t teach anything relevant or useful. This female has to interact with retail chains and she believes everything they tell her. I said to her; “Unlearn what MBA taught you… and be street smart”. Once she finishes her training there will be another one from NMIMS reporting to me. Sigh!!!

On friday and sat we have a managers’ meet atΒ a 5 star hotel. I am not too keen on staying at night in the hotel… don’t know what the people and culture is like in this organization. But it will be unavoidable ‘coz driving back home late at night won’t be possible.

On the personal front… I bought a bean bag… the TV cabinet will be here tom… planning to fly to Delhi next weekend to meet AB and DK coz I am missing them… will meet HD next month… we are planning a trip to Coorg. Hope it works out. Thank god flights are dirt cheap right now. Finances are getting better… there is money trickling in… and it will also trickle out soon. I will join the gym soon… there is a good club in the building with facilities of gym… yoga… aerobics… table tennis.. pool… pretty cool.