Thank god wives exist… men would be utterly useless and complete losers without them. I am not talking only about myself (:P). My Boss over works and is a complete sissy. He brings tiffin to office and feeds it to us (the 3 ASMs). On day 1, I obliged and had to eat the yuck sabji. On day 2 he brought brinjal and I didn’t touch it. On day 3 I tasted a little and refused to empty his tiffin. Dialogues like; “My wife will not give tiffin again if it is not empty” didn’t sway me. On day 4 (today) I avoided lunch with him. But let me not digress… Boss likes to work late… today his wife commanded him to come home early… so, we also left early. God bless his wife and all the other nagging and commanding wives of this world.

I feel the need to wear specs now… all the time… and they make me look old. Sigh!!!