I went for dinner with the ASM. He bought a car and was treating. The dinner was at Sea View at Juhu…. nice view of the sea. Unfortunately, both of us could not drink ‘coz we were driving. He is unhappy with the company (who isn’t???). I got bugged with all the bitching… I mean… I don’t fucking care… I have a good profile, desired location, good package… it will take me a few months to get into the bitching mode.

Me: Dinner was boring… we talked work

HD: So? what were you expecting? That he will discuss his sex life with you?

Me: Hmm… that will be interesting to know… something to gossip about

Mumbai is getting lonely.. specially the drive back from work to home… the cd player in my car is not working… and FM is no good… people are too busy to talk to me on phone… I have to find ways to keep busy… SOON.

Really need to drink this weekend…