My sweetheart left this morning for Chennai… I can’t believe he is in Chennai without me. I have a soft spot for South… be it Chennai or B’glore… Chennai ‘coz thats the first city I stayed on my own and also met HD for the first time… B’glore is my fav city. HD and I had planned to visit Chennai to revisit the memories. Anyway… I dropped HD to the airport at 6 am and realized that I have nowhere to go at that hour… there was no point in reaching office at 7 am… finally, I headed home and slept for 1.5 hours more. I was exhausted and asked another ASM for a lift but he was not going to office and had to hail a cab instead.

Office was fine… though a little lonely. My boss is sweet at times… he let me take leave yesterday and spend the day with HD but Boss is very very impatient and makes the other ASMs work late nights. I have made clear my reluctance to work beyond 7 pm. Excuses like… I have to go home… cook… I have trouble driving in the dark… it is not safe… do work.

I reached home and cleaned up the tornado that hit the house… “HD- His Highness”…. I was eager to find the things he forgot to take along… shorts, tee shirt, a sock, floaters, laptop stand. I hugged the towel he used in the morning… it was still wet. This time the parting is different… I didn’t give into tears till the last day… I didn’t want to think about it… he will be gone for 6-12 months… and meeting up will take some planning and re-scheduling. I asked HD a very important question the other day…

Me: Would you have minded re-locating if you were single?

Him: No… I would have no issues staying anywhere for the first few years of my career

I realized that marriage/relationship has been affecting his career and aspirations. I don’t want him to compromise with his career… I never have… and I never will. While starting the job 2 years back I told myself; “I will re-locate anywhere for the first 2 years… after that I won’t compromise”… I guess it is his turn… and upcountry experience does have a lot of value on the CV. HD kept saying; “I wish we were not so greedy”.

Some things about HD I am going to miss like crazy (even though I nag him to death about them):

  • Leaving the gas on after cooking Maggi
  • Refusing to clean up till I threaten not to cook b’fast and starve him
  • Leaving the geyser on
  • Drying the towel everywhere except the clothes line
  • Washing his hair with any soap he can lay his hands on and then complaining he is going bald… I purchased the best shampoo and conditioner and forced him to use it
  • Making faces while cleaning the window panes
  • Not trusting him with the house keys… there is 90% chance he will leave the keys inside the house
  • Opening water bottles and forgetting to close the lid…
  • Forgetting to carry his cheque book when we are on our way to Vashi to give a cheque at his house… he remembered it mid way and we had to head back to pick it up
  • Forgetting to switch off the lights and fan

Sigh!!! I feel like a part of me is missing. I will survive… I always do.