It was a good weekend… HD came home on Thursday. On Saturday HD’s friends visited us at home… they gifted a laughing Buddha… soon after I removed the gift wrapping we got the news that HD’s move to Karnataka has been delayed by a day or two. Hope the Buddha proves lucky in many more things.

HD and I had a discussion an hour back… about attraction to other men/women after marriage. I believe that attraction cannot be avoided… there will always be men (in my case) I come across for who I may feel an attraction… what I do about it is my choice. Being tempted is not wrong… indulging in the temptation definitely is. As always HD has a stern black and white stand… even temptation is not acceptable.

(To give a background about black and white stand… I believe in grays… loads of them… in everything… while HD has a “yes” or a “no” stand on every issue… also called the “black and white” stand)

I wonder who is right or is it something which has to be defined by every person for him/her self??? Is it possible to never be attracted to another person of the opposite sex (or same sex) except your hubby? I need some answers people…