Howdie people… it has been a long long time and I have so much to tell you. The house is fine… I have given myself this month to go with the flow… September onwards I will make a routine for myself to follow.

New job is fine… my boss is also new. I miss my old job.. I miss knowing everyone in all regions and the corporate office… I know everyone- from the CEO to the peons of every office and they know me. The old workplace was also more efficient. But the only reason I have switched is for Mumbai… and thats all that matters.

The Mumbai team has 3 ASMs (including me) and 1 Boss. I went for dinner and drinks with the other ASM who was handing over part of his territory to me. The conversation started fine… and then got personal… very personal… not on my part… on his part. He told me how is marriage is not working… started bitching about his wife and her family… how his daughter is the only reason he is with her. My mind started screaming; “Psycho”. I started getting restless…. looking at my watch. He got the hint.

Him: I can see you getting restless… I guess you want to get back home

Me: Yes… I have to call HD also… I will let you finish this drink… but I need to leave after that

I expected him to apologize the next day but it was like the conversation never happened. Thankfully, I have been shifted to another channel now where I will interact more with the other ASM who is happily married.

I never came across such stuff in the previous organization ‘coz I had friends like AB and DK to protect me. At parties, I stuck to them to avoid weridos. If they were not around I avoided the parties.

Anyways.. enough about work. HD is not home this weekend… next weekend is my last with him before he moves to Hubli.

Sometimes I am happy… when I can connect the IPod to the new speakers and listen to loud music… when I can blog and chat with friends… when HD and I discuss the upcoming weekend… when I get the profile in the new company that I have wanted in my old company for a year… when I cook

Sometimes I am sad… when I think of the long distance relationship… when Rakhshabandhan passes away without a care… when I am driving back alone to an empty house… when I cannot blog… when I have to watch a movie alone

At other times… I can feel the loneliness catching up… My life has been so hectic with all the travelling that I have not made any friends ot even met acquantainces in Mumbai… I hope I don’t end up crying and drinking every night… But maybe that won’t happen…. I will take up a hobby or something… I need to check out the 2 gyms in the neighbourhood and decide on one. Jazz is another option… I don’t like giving up… I can swim and drive… jazz needs to be taken up again soon.

Thought for the day… human beings will adjust to anything… things might hurt in the beginning… for a few weeks or months or years but we always get used to it.