Tonight is my last night with this laptop. It will be gone tomorrow… maybe to the next ASM in my territory.

Let me begin from the beginning… the week began with heavy rains in Mumbai. I missed my 5.45 am flight to A’bad ‘coz the Meru cab didn’t turn up. It is such a wonderful business model… there is no accountability. People book cabs… if people turn up late they have to pay the cab extra… if the cab turns up late there is nothing that can be done.

There were no other flights to A’bad and I flew to Rajkot directly. The new ASM will join next month… he has been promoted and sent here. I made him travel for 3 days continously to 4 towns… Rajkot to Jamnagar to Junagadh to Rajkot to Bhavnagar to A’bad to Mumbai. He was exhausted by the end of it. It was a relief to hand over the reins to him. Like any Punjabi he started boasting about the other promotions offered to him but which he had to turn down. (I have nothing against Punjabis… DK and AB are Punjus… and all of them love to boast… everything they say has to be taken with a pinch of salt).

For the last one month my weekend were more hectic than weekdays… on a weekday I could choose not to travel but no such luck on weekends… Rajkot to A’bad to Mumbai…. to Vashi to Mulund to Goregaon… HD stays in Vashi… we were looking for a flat in Mulund… and I stay in Goregaon when in office.

The flat is in the most posh area of Mulund but it overlooks the slums. That is the reality of Mumbai… we have started furnishing it. The bad state of my finances is giving me nightmares… it does not help that I will not be getting any salary at the end of this month. It was much easier in Gurgaon… or maybe I have forgotten the experience of setting up a place there.

I had been asked to report to Gurgaon by the CEO without a clue as to how long I was going to be there… it was a shock when I realized I have been permanently posted there and had to find a place to stay. There are no 1 bhk flats in Gurgaon… rents of 2 bhk are unaffordable for one person… I didn’t know anybody in Delhi/Gurgaon… the search for a flat mate did not yield any positive results… Nilu (my colleague) was getting married and her hubby was shifting to Gurgaon after 3-4 months… in the meantime her mom-in-law would live with her… staying with her was out of the question… and without a car I had to find a flat as close to office as possible. There was only one solution… staying with Iyer. He had been shifted to corporate office and was also looking for a flat mate. It was decided then… living with a guy has its pros and cons. Thankfully, Iyer and I were never friends… we never interfered… and hardly interacted. I knew he was alive when I saw him in office… days would pass without us coming across each other in the flat… I am not kidding… he would leave for office at 8.30 am while I was still taking a bath…. I would leave with Nilu at 9.15 am… I would be back by 7 pm… have dinner… and be in my room by 9/10 pm… he would return home after 9 pm… The whole arrangement suited us fine… we respected each other’s privacy… there were no restrictions… my guy friends/bf (HD) could visit/stay over anytime… our meals were cooked separately… he had a maid who did the cooking.. I cooked for myself…

Setting up a place from scratch is a tough job… but I have one week to settle in for which I am grateful. Today I drove my car alone on Mumbai roads… from Mulund to Bandra to Goregaon… my colleagues gave me a farewell party which was very very boring. I am so glad I am leaving… FINALLY!!!

Good night… I will access the net through a cyber cafe but don’t expect daily updates… nothing much will happen in one week anyway…

Wish me luck for the new job!!!