I had a mediocre bad day… after a good cry and some hair color… I ventured to the balcony which is on the 17th floor and told myself; “I will get through this… I have struggled a lot to get here and am not giving it up… not for anything… not for anyone”

Just saying that calmed me.

I am thinking of moving blogs… I am too aware about the people reading this which prevents me from writing everything on my mind.

And since I am Gemini I need to be on the move.

Lets see how that works out… if I move it will be to a completely anonymous blog and the link will not be divulged to anyone.

I had read the review of ‘Marrying Anita’ on Shobha De’s blog and was keen on reading the book. After searching for a month I picked it up at Crossword today and put it down that very moment. It is another Desi chick lit novel…. one where the lady is looking for a husband/love… arranged marriage Vs love marriage. Such books sicken me… is that all women think about? Not really… sure, finding a good hubby is on every  girl’s to-do list along with laundry, manicure, promotion, Gucci bag etc. No big deal. Why have I never heard men craving for a good wife??? Why is there no ‘Sex and the City’ for the men? Any answers?