Just spoke to drunk DK… drunk DK and AB are more fun than their sober version.

Me: Are you drunk?

DK: Yeah… I have had a few drinks too many

Me: I can hear your slight slurring… nice date, huh?

DK: hehehehe… yeah, after a long time… we even made out

Me: Congrats… AB and me were wondering if you have attained Niravana… you don’t date… don’t sleep around… have been single for more than a year

DK: Yeah… its like I had forgotten what it feels like

Me: I know what you mean… you stop needing sex if you don’t have it for sometime… and then when you get it after a long time… its like.. “wow… this is heaven. Why didn’t I miss it?”

DK: Exactly… and this chick is my ex-gf… I mean, we made out after I broke up with my first gf and was on a rebound

(I do not like guys using “chick” to describe a girl and DK never uses it when sober)

Me: Good for you

DK: And she didn’t mind making out even though I have become fat

Me: Yeah… I thought thats what you were doing… concentrating on losing weight first so it is easier to get laid. Pressures of a Delhi society

(Delhiwalas are quite snobbish… DK has been conscious about his weight gain since his school acquaintance laughed at him to his face)

DK: This chick was sloshed when I dropped her at F-Bar at another party while I had to head home before midnight. She has other slutty friends and I am planning to meet them soon. I am such a creep… I am already thinking about other girls. But I did make it clear that I was not interested in a relationship and stuff. I didn’t want to be with my ex but what to do… no option and she contacted me… I didn’t call her. I need to satisfy my physiological needs… it is Masolov’s law

(F-Bar is one of the poshest bars in Delhi/Gurgaon… and DK has to be home every night by 11/12 pm)

DK is quite superficial and sometimes he feels guilty for being that way… as is obvious by above paragraph.

Me: Give me a break… stop quoting Kotler like Iyer.

I look at thes guys and feel lucky. Being single and looking is not easy… finding someone of your wavelength is difficult and heartbreaks are inevitable. After crossing 25, there is the additional pressure of marriage. But then again, I miss the excitement of first dates… the all night lasting phone call… the anticipation of the first kiss… the dates when both are getting used to each other’s weirdness…

At other times it is nice to talk to a friend who has known me for 8 years (thats a long time)… despite the ups and downs… and I find it diffcult to let go of such people despite conflicts. It is like the “Old me” is alive through them. They are a witness to my past.