A friend put up his FB status as: ” I almost said fuck off but remembered my EMIs and went back to my desk”.

I can identify with this statement. When you join any organization you become their slave… a lot of times I have contemplated quitting and doing nothing… but who would support me then?

Anyway… nothing in life comes easy. After 3 weekends of searching for a flat we found a perfect one within budget… but the owner is a little weird. I didn’t like him from the beginning… to cut the long story short, it didn’t work out. It is back to searching again… if I don’t find something this Sunday I will be in deep trouble. Sigh!!!

If something can go wrong it will.

I don’t remember the last weekend I just sat and watched TV and did nothing. I crave to do it and was looking forward to 1 week break in a house I can call “home”.

Sigh!!! The last few days in Rajkot are pure torture. I am in no mood to work and just want to get out of here.

The most irritating question I have to face is; “Why don’t you stay with your in-laws? Why are you expecting HD to stay away from his home?”

My only reply is; “To each his own. I am free to live where I want to… he is free to live where he wants to.”

I am so upset right now my solace is super duper fatty coffee and brownie.

In the last few months I have been depressed about being located in Rajkot but tried not to think about it. No point indulging in such thoughts when there are no alternatives. Everytime a job call didn’t work out I wanted to cry my heart out ‘coz it would be another 1-2 months before another opportunity came along. I would involve myself deep in work to avoid thinking.

Now all I want to do is move into a flat, furnish it and start living… actually living. Last week I was telling DK how lucky he is that he has a life. AB agreed with me and said; “Yes… it feels nice… I had no life in ABC”…

Me: AB, you are still in ABC. DK has quit… and I have…

AB: Lol. For a moment I forgot. (AB has been shifted back to Delhi ‘coz another ASM quit… AB had fractured his hand and could not travel)

My dream weekend would be like this:

  • I would wake up to the maid ringing the door bell
  • I would help her clean the house… apply oil in my hair… apply face pack… soak my feet in hot water and exfoliate them… music/FM would play in the background
  • Take a long, luxurious bath… wash laundry… cook lunch… grocery shopping
  • Go to British library… spend 1-2 hours with books and CDs
  • Catch a play/movie… catch up with friends for dinner
  • Return home… and watch TV/read books/talk on the phone

I end with these happy thoughts.