Hey… I have been itching to write this post for weeks… but everytime I started typing I would be overcome with exhaustion and then I came to Mumbai… and my internet is quite slow due to weak signal.

Here are some good news:

  • I quit my current job
  • I got another job
  • I am shifting to Mumbai
  • I found a rented flat in Mumbai
  • My car has been shifted to Mumbai

Where do I begin? It all started in Feb last year. My company shifted me to Gurgaon in a corporate office profile. Anybody else would have een ecstatic. Initially, so was I…. but I figured a few things.

1) Nobody ha dany idea what the profile involved… so I ended getting clerical work like making formats for ppts (not the ppts)… formats in excel sheets… collecting data etc. Very boring

2) I was given the profile ‘coz I am a girl and they were reluctant to to have a female in sales…

3) In a sales organization, you need to do sales to be able to contribute to a corporate office profile

4) I hated the culture in corporate office… people are too snooty and snobbish

5) My boss was an asshole… he was changed… the 2nd boss was worse

6) I hated Gurgaon

All the above things meant that I ended up depressed and hating my life… I stopped eating… I would cry all night once I returned from office…

The ultimate goal of a person is to work in the corporate office of any company. I had been given that on a platter. But the field work in sales is an important part of the learning. I was denied that. I also realized that there is no future here… even if I am shifted to the branch office, there are very limited profiles. I would have to leave someday. I might as well leave now.

An aquaintance had told me; “It will take you 3-4 months to find a decent job”. I was shocked!!! I was hoping to find something within a month. Numerous calls and interviews later, I got a reality check. Bagging a job through campus placements was a cake walk compared to this turmoil. I almost got a job but then the market crashed and recruitments were stopped.

Meanwhile, my company shifted me to sales in Gujarat. I knew I would have to wait 3-4 months before any job opportunity came up. So after 9 months in Gujarat, 15 months after I started looking for a job and 25 months into the current company I have found a job… a good job… in a good company… at a better salary… in my preferred location.