Hey… I have been gone for long. The net does not work in Mumbai since I stay on the 17th floor and face network problems.

Anyone remember the conflict I had with my Boss??? Well, he calls me on Sat and says; “Good… WE took that step” Hello??? WE??? WE??? I took that step and he created obstacles. Thats what corporate life is all about… discredit is yours only… and credit is ours. The other ASMs advised me to inform his Boss about the conflict.

Sat was fun… I left office early, went for movie with HD and his friend. We went for dinner and then a drive. His friend let me drive his car on the Palm Beach Road. He was quite reluctant but I knew he would not be able to refuse outrightly and I had no intention of “taking a hint”. Like HD said; “He had his …. ” Actually, I won’t put the phrase here. He looked very relieved when we reached our destination. But HD complimented my driving which is HUGE. He does not compliment anymore… courting days are SO over.

Friday was great too… I attended AB’s niece’s B’day party in Mumbai. Shopping for her gift was a torture. What do you buy a one year old? I didn’t even know if 1 year olds can walk or talk or not. At Crossword I spotted a mother reading to her kid. I approached her for help and she seconded my choice of a soft toy. The party was kiddy… it was nice meeting AB. His another friend and my batch mate from B school G was also present. 3 of us kept sneaking to the roof for a sutta (I don’t smoke… they do). AB kept criticising the kids… “kids are so illogical… I mean, look at them… they are gathering trash from the floor.. who does that?” The DJ played songs of Dev D and I was scandalised… it is a kiddy party after all. What happened to B’day songs like; “Baar… baar din yeh aaye… baar… baar dil yeh gaye… tum jeeyo hazaro saal… yeh meri hai aarzoo… happy b’day to u”. The DJ played some Punjabi music and everyone was on the floor (AB is a Punjabi from East Delhi). The DJ tried playing some Marathi music and the floor cleared. AB reminded me of the scene from ‘Pyaar ke side effects” in which Rahul Bose has to play one song over and over and over again. When he refuses bullets fly in the air. “Thats Delhi for you”; AB said. Reluctantly the DJ played some more Punjabi music… the people returned to the floor. The booze and AB’s jokes kept me entertained.

On Sat, Boss’s Boss (the BM), another ASM and I went for coffee at CCD. None of us had work. I felt guilty for the secret I have been keeping but reminded myself not to get emotional. It is all business… and emotions have no place here. I have been dreaming of this moment for 25 months and have to wait one more week to declare it. Sigh!!!