It has been a frustrating day… Beware!!! Work tales coming up.

  • I got to know yesterday that one best sales executive has done something wrong. If I try and get proof for his deed he could get into serious trouble. I was a little unsure as to how to deal with the whole situation. Should I turn away and pretend I don’t know? After all, he pulls in 30% of the sale… plans very well… needs little follow up and is an asset to my area. Or should I give him a warning and let him go? This might make me seem weak and the other team members could go ahead and do unethical things. Or should I inform the Bosses about it? This seems harsh. I took advice from SB who suggested I only give him a strict warning and if it happens again then inform the Bosses. AB adviced that I turn away and pretend I don’t know… after all, he pulls in the maximum sales. I followed SB’s advice ‘coz I am ethical and don’t believe that the ends justify the means. I don’t believe in getting what I want at any cost.
  • I caught another sales executive sitting at home when he was supposed to be working in the market. I have to really exercise my vocal chords with this guy… he does not do one thing right. I will have to give him a surprise visit… if he is not where he should be… I will fire him.
  • The most important function in an organization is of the supply chain… it is not marketing or sales or HR or finance (according to me). The SCM in our company sucks big time. On every closing (twice in a week) the sales executives give their orders to the depot on the phone. There is a lot of confusion… the depot bills incorrect orders… sometimes they forget to bill some orders etc. I have been spending a lot of time solving issues. Last week I decided to switch to written orders… there is no fax at the depot so it was decided that the orders will be mailed. By 1 pm all the orders had come in… incase there were problems I mailed the orders myself… It was a success and I was happy. It would be a major contribution to the company to shift to written orders. But guess what, the depot didn’t receive one of the orders… they didn’t inform me… and I lost my temper in the evening. Why do they always behave like such morons? I called Boss and poured out my complaints… all the problems got solved within one hour. My colleague was assuring me that he will take care that such problems do not arise with the depot again… I told him; “I don’t think thats possible… they will always find newer ways to screw things up”. Btw, the other 2 ASMs of Gujarat have not shifted to written orders so this will be a feather in MY cap.
  • I am in Rajkot tomorrow… just waiting for Friday… I will meet AB at his niece’s b’day party. I am surprised he has invited me…

Good night!!!