Hiya… I am in Mumbai and my net was acting up so I could not post. It is slightly better today.

It was HD’s B’day on Sunday. I was confused about his b’day gift. I didn’t think anything can top a PS 2 (refer previous post on this Valentine’s gift)… as a first step I asked AB for suggestions since he is a guy. Thankfully, I didn’t take any of the suggestions… there were as follows:

AB: Buy him a turtle

Me: Why?

AB: It makes a good gift… I had given to my ex-gf and marooed some senti lines… she loved… and its cheap too… only Rs 75

Me: Rejected

AB: How about dog food?

Me: Can we move away from animals?

Etc etc etc… I then turned to DK.

DK: How about a phone?

Me: Well… he was looking for a phone but I will have to take him along.. cannot buy it on my own. How about perfume?

DK: Avoidable… watch?

Me: Naah… he has 3 already… shoes?

DK: Good idea

I discussed it with HD and dragged him shopping for the B’day gifts. He cribbed, complained and said; “You are nagging me for my own B’day gift. How lame is that!!!”.

We ended up buying memory card, games and joy stick for the PS 2. Then an idea hit me. I planned a surprise B’day party. The only problem was I didn’t have his best friend’s contact no and I was not sure if he checked his mail regularly. I asked HD for it hoping he would not smell something fishy. He gave it to me without any questions. I informed R about the plan. He was in. I waited for HD to go to Delhi and then called his Mom and informed her about the plan. The cake was booked in advance from Ribbons and Balloons. They make the BEST cakes ever. I was going to buy roses from the airport itself… the surprise B’day was Scrabble (to signify our honeymoon) and Chess (he likes it).

I had called R and asked him to bring the other friends near HD’s house at 11.45 pm to burn the magic candles on the cake. I also asked him to discourage any outing on Sat night. There was no way HD would return by midnight otherwise. His mom was instructed to nag him to sleep… it is more fun to surprise a sleeping person.

The biggest hurdle was when HD offered to pick me up at the airport so we could meet up. “Damn… I thought”. I told him I would be tired and needed to catch up on sleep. He didn’t let go… finally, I picked a fight with him which pissed him off and left me alone for the next few hours.

R, friends and I reached his house with the cake, roses, gifts and some food at midnight. He was watching TV in his boxers and looked extremely funny and naked. He cut the cake, accepted the gifts and treated us to lunch, bowling and pool the next day.

There was extreme pressure on me to make the B’day extra special since my B’day comes 4 days after his and he said to me; “Your gift will depend on mine”.

The best part was the surprise element. HD has been so distracted lately that I could have planned all of it in front of him and he would not notice it.