Hi… I am back minus the horrendous mood and thoughts. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

Anyone remember the post I made about the cute gym instructor? 2 weeks back he called me asking why I am not coming to the gym. It was so weird… I don’t go to the gym regularly ‘coz of my constant travel and he knows that… he has never called earlier. I told him I am not in town and mentioned it to HD. His reaction was; “You must have flirted with him” and teased me for the next few days. Today I came across him again (the gym guy not HD)… he asked me out… I am not kidding… he knows I am married and yet he asked me out. What kind of a creep does that? Like a pati vrata stree I should have said; “No”… I didn’t. I have never said “No” to dates. What I do instead is.. say; “Yes” and not turn up. It saves embarrassment for the other person… Now I need to find ways to shirk off this guy… sigh… maybe I will ask HD to build some serious muscles and visit Rajkot.

It reminds me of this date… a friend’s friend had asked me out… I couldn’t say “No”… I turned up… we sat at a table for an hour… the entire time the guy talked and talked and talked… I didn’t say a word, he didn’t give me an opportunity to talk. He didn’t even shut up to order food/drink. So I sat there pretending to listen and looking at my watch. After 60 mins, I messaged my friend asking her to call me. I pretended like she was in trouble and needed to leave asap. I avoided going out with him again.

Same thing happened in my B school… one of my seniors was after my life… he wanted me to go out with him for dinner… I ignored the calls, made innumerable excuses, avoided him… finally, just to get rid of him I went for dinner… I figured he would leave me alone for 2-3 months atleast. It was the most boring date ever… he even managed to spill beer on my food… and it rained whil returning… and he said something like; “I will always remember this moment”… while I thought; “I will try very hard to forget it”.

I am not boasting… every girl has 10-20 such experiences to narrate… good looking or not.

Like I tell anyone who asks me what being married is like… “It is so great… I never have to go on a bad date ever again”