Hiya… I had a chill time in office on Friday and Saturday. Bosses were not in on Friday so we didn’t do too much work. Actually, there was not much work. There was a Farewell party after office. One of the ASMs has been shifted to South branch. Everyone was shocked by the move. He has been in the company for 7 years and ruined every territory he was sent to. He treats his sub-ordinates like pimps who arrange for prostitutes for him. I think the Bosses reached their limit and decided to get rid of him. The company does not fire anybody no matter how badly we perform. There is total job security here. Everyone gave him some positive and lots of negative feedback and plenty of advice on how to deal with people in the South. The ASM burst into tears. He had put up a brave face throughout. The BM told him that he had decided to send him to another branch to give him an opportunity to change his perception and image… to let people see his good side also.

The Farewell was boring as always. It went on till midnight. Majority wanted to go for coffee to some 5 star hotel. Yes… yes… we always have midnight coffee at a 5 star and no… we don’t pay… one of the Bosses do. I made a face at the idea of coffee. Generally, I don’t join them and make excuses like; “It is past my bed time… I need to sleep”. This time I didn’t since Boss insisted I come along and I need to be in his good books to get a change of territory.

We headed to Marriott. I was in the car with SB. He is an alumni from my B school and I started my training under him 2 years back. We share a good rapport but do not make it obvious in office. So, nobody knows we are close and trust each other. We keep in touch on the phone or talk when others are not around. We discussed how fake corporate life is. A person claims to be extremely straight forward and then cocoons his opinions with crap like; “We made a hard decision for your best interests”. It is like parents always tell you; “We are being strict and denying you so-and-so ‘coz we have your best interests at heart. You will thank us later”

We returned at 2.30 am. HD had gone to sleep and didn’t receive my call. I don’t remember the last time we didn’t speak on the phone before going to bed. I was quite happy that day and wanted to celebrate but ended up going for a corporate party.

Saturday was chill… there was no work… everyone was excited about the Goa trip. I was excited about going to Pune. One of colleagues told me how he envies me since I am not going to Goa…

Me: Why?

Him: It is plain crap yaar… people will get drunk all the time

Me: Well… if the ASMs can behave like this… what can be expected from their sub-ordinates?

With that thought… Good night!!! I have to wake up early tomorrow… and day after HD and I have to go get his eyes checked… and his ring tightened… it keeps slipping and I am afraid it might indicate his level of commitment towards me (the tighter the ring.. the higher the commitment and vice versa)… Since I am here I might as well nag him into doing these mundane things… nagging on the phone is completely ineffective.