After my previous post, I received different reactions… HD called me judgemental… Ann understood something is bothering me and sympathised… and someone anonymous posted a crap comment.

Now that the blog is becoming so popular, let me make some ground rules clear:

  • This is MY blog… it is MY space… people who do not have the guts/decency to write their names with their comments do not have a voice here… unless the comments are very sweet and nice… flattery will help
  • I write for myself… not for the readers… I can woo readers one day and shuu them away the next day… I can do whatever here… write about who ever I want to. You don’t like it… don’t read it
  • “Bitchiness sells”… This blog is for MY bitchiness… not yours… you want to bitch, write your own blog… mail me the link… I will help you gets hits

Is that very clear to the millions of my anonymous readers? I will not be addressing you guys again.. this is your one post of fame. And I don’t want such behavior again… don’t make me scream… I have to do enough of that during month end closing.

Now… shuu away and let me think in peace.

For the rest of my readers… the nice ones… welcome. I will post once I am in a better mood or less tired.