Hiya…. I am feeling quite lethargic these days. I don’t feel like working at all. My boss is coming tomorrow… it is going to be torturous 2 days. He wanted to come for 2 days.. I wanted him to spend only 1 day in my territory… and worked out his travel plan such that he can spend 1.5 days. I have booked him into a different hotel than mine. The lesser I have to see him, the better it is for me.

I had a good workout in the gym today… after a long time. I was the last one to leave and the gym instructor and I got talking. He is a friendly fellow who interacts with every customer. He is from Chandigarh but has shifted here to earn money. He sounded quite bored and lonely today. 2 years back I wouldn’t have thought twice about inviting him for a cuppa of coffee or something. Now I can’t be bothered.

A so-called friend forgot my wedding date and didn’t wish me. I was pissed and had not been answering his calls or chats for the last one month. Finally, he sent a sms; “Hi. I have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Talk to me before I pass away”. I stifled my laughter and gave in. We spoke on the phone today (I had been too lazy/busy to call) and I was shocked to know he is marrying a virgin. This guy does not think twice about one night stands and flings… not that he is a womanizer. He has been looking for a long term relationship but till that happened he had to satisfy his libido… right? His to-be wife does not believe in pre-marital sex but has no problems making out. She is saving her virginity for her husband. I hope he is ending up with the right girl.

I also spoke to my once-upon-a-time best friend. She called… I have been too lazy/busy to call. Her advice was the usual… slow down, concentrate on building a home/family with HD, have kids before you are 30… etc etc. I tried to explain I am not like her but then gave up. Some people think they know better. Its ok since she has my best interests at heart.

Chalo… good night. I have to wake up early. Sigh. I hate to wake up early.