I had a very boring day… My Boss wanted to work in the market. We worked from 10 am to 1 pm (all shops are closed from 1-4 pm… what bliss)… my Boss was on the phone all the time and I was pissed that he made me work. In the evening we went to meet all the DBs. I got free at 9 pm (no bloody work-life balance).

Then I went for dinner with the ASM of competition. Strange thing is… this guy was handling all big towns of Gujarat but does not keep in touch with other ASMs. He calls me regularly and has been trying to meet me for 6 months. Is it ‘coz he thinks I am naive enough to give out important info or ‘coz I am a female? I hope it is the latter. Dinner was very very boring… restaurants were crowded (why??? oh why??? it is a weekday, after all)… there were peas in my lasagna… the ASM is one of those guys who gets aroused at the thought of work and responsibility but pretends like he hates it… he told me how his sales numbers are dropping… I replied cheekily that was obvious from market… his distribution is suffering… he spoke about his Boss… about the category… the conversation was pepered with a lot of marketing and sales gyaan. I hate such impractical gassy people. Talk practically and stop boasting.

I plan to start crash coaching on “How not to make boring conversations”. It will be  a hit…