I had an interesting week… I was in office. We were in a meeting with BM and BSM (as always… it is irritating how many meetings we have). As always, BM and BSM were on the opposite ends of the discussion. All ASMs were supporting BM’s point of view since it was different and new (as always). The BSM was not willing to listen (as always)… AD (an ASM who is a supporter of BM and hates the BSM) asked the BSM to listen to the BM’s point first…. and guess what BSM did? He started screaming at AD. We were all shocked. He has never lost his temper… ASMs make fun of him, bitch about him, don’t respect him etc but he has never reacted like this. He asked AD to shut up. AD lost it too… and screamed back. One half of the people were trying to calm down BSM… the other half AD. AD walked out… we could hear him screaming outside. BSM sat down quietly… BM started the discussion again to divert everyone’s attention. I was glad about this incident… finally, something exciting was happening.

If I would have been in BM’s place… I would have called BSM and AD to my cabin and warned them both about this sort behavior. People losing their temper in meetings is not done… and you cannot talk to an ASM like this… no matter what your position.

We were supposed to have a party that night (again). Some people wanted to have it in the guesthouse.. others in Chembur. I knew there was no way out of this party. By 7 pm some ASMs had left for home and I was not feeling to well… so I left as well. KK called an hour later and told me to come for the party. I refused… thank god, I left early.

The company is taking employees for a trip… we have a trip after the 1st quarter (if we meet our targets). The trip is to Goa… and I dont want to go. I told BM that if I go for the trip, I cannot meet my HD for a month.

BM:  Work it out… this is the only informal trip with your sales executives

(Wanting to respond: I’d rather have an informal interaction with my HD)

BM: You can take leave after you are back… blah.. blah.

I will call him tom and tell him I am not coming.

I really hate all this socializing business… I wish I could work from 10 to 7 and be left alone after that and on weekends…

Why the fuck do they want to waste my Sunday??? Why not have the trip on a weekday? Assholes…

Last night the BSM called me at 9.30 pm…. I didn’t answer the call or return the call. No bloody work life balance.