On Sunday, BF.. ok, ok… hubby dearest and I went for lunch to Barbecue Nation. It is a nice restaurant where they barbecue kebabs at your table. Since HD is extremely fussy about food, he did not enjoy the lunch. I did… I got quite high on my drink and kept giggling all the way to Colaba.
Anyway, we had the below conversation:
HD: We need to invest in a flat
Me: Yeah… I know
HD: We should buy one at XYZ location for ABC amount. If both of us are working, we can comfortably pay off the loan in 8 yrs
(The controversial words were “if both of us are working”… Every month I feel like quitting and yet stick on… I do like and enjoy what I do… I don’t mind the traveling and sales pressure and handling a team… I just don’t like the politics and lack of appreciation)
Me: Hmm… I don’t think I will quit… but what about when we have kids?
HD: Well… women generally take leave 7 months into the pregnancy and parents can take care of the kid once you start working.
Me: I don’t want to miss the growing years of my kid… I want to be around
HD: I will be there to help you out
Me (stifling a laugh): Of course… of course. Maybe we can have a kid after we pay off the home loan
HD: I don’t want to be old when my kid is in college
Me: Ok… then it is either a kid or a flat… pick one
HD: I guess… it will have to be the flat
Me: Yeah… we can always adopt a kid

It was a tough decision but I know we made the correct choice.

(Ok.. ok… relax… it is just a conversation… we haven’t decided yet… mistakes do happen.. you know.. ;))

My sales executive who should have been kicked out months back quit today. I am relieved. I kinda made his life hell.. but I didn’t think he would quit. In my defense, I tried all tactics with him… being nice, stern, asking him for suggestions, threatening him… everything. Its not his fault, he does not have a brain. The strange and surprising part is that despite being stupid, lacking planning skills, being a liar… he was promoted last year. Just shows that merit does not necessarily guarantee success.

I had a good day in office today… for a change, I felt like part of the team.

More good news in the offing… but I will not reveal it right now…
NO… I am not pregnant… plz… people. Kuch bhi.

I am finding it a little weird calling myself ‘Mrs’… I don’t see myself as ‘Mrs’… it sounds soooo old… and I am anything but old. At Barbecue Nation the waitress wanted to note my name… she wrote ‘Ms’ and I didn’t correct her.
HD: I don’t think you will ever change your surname
Me: I will… I will… but not right now… Give me time
HD: You always say that when you don’t want to do something… after you have enough time, you will turn around and say; “I have managed fine till now… whats the point of changing it now?” I know all your tactics
Me (speechless… I do that… I avoid discussing and ask for more time for things I am not keen on doing… this way the issue gets forgotten and by the time it comes up again it is too late): It is easy for you… you were ‘Mr’ then… you are ‘Mr’ now… nothing changes for you. It is not so easy for us women… sigh
(This also works… Pretend like a martyr and sigh deeply like you are carrying the burden of the world.. men cannot argue with that).