I have been gone too long.

First things first… the wedding was short and sweet.. thankfully. I had rushed to the parlour in the morning and hated every moment of it. I promised myself I would never go through this again… ever. The parlour lady didn’t apply the premium make up and I had to make her take it off and re-apply. Bf (I can’t call him hubby… not yet) kept making faces throughout the wedding which helped speed up the process. Ann was with me throughout… it was so nice to meet her again but we didn’t get any time to spend alone.

The post wedding party was fun… AB and DK turned up. AB was glued to his date all night… I could not get him to circulate at all. And they stood right next to the drinks for most of the night… I guess he has his priorities right.

Ann pulled Bf and me on the dance floor… I had not seen Bf dance until then… it was a conscious decision since he told me he is a terrible dancer and I didn’t want to freak out and run away. I am bad too… but that does not count. He gets into the mood while dancing with full on expressions. It was hilarious.

When we went back to Bf’s house after the party all the gifts were kept in the car. Bf’s bro asked him to open them in the morning but he refused. He was quite high and kept saying; “No.. no… I want to open them now”. We had to lug all the gifts up 3 floors. DK had gifted a flower vase which still had the price tag. I called him to tease him about it. DK, AB, his date were all at Marine Drive till 4 am… for a moment I wished I was there too.

Next day was a bore with Puja and stuff. It was also weird staying with people I barely knew. There are expectations and it made me feel burdened. Why this pressure on females? Men have it so easy… they can be themselves…

I was soooo happy when we left for the honeymoon to Kerala. It was more of a relaxing trip than a honeymoon. We were both exhausted. I was feeling kind of down on the 1st day. The enormity of the step dawned on me. The next few days were spent sight seeing, bonding, playing Pathwords and Scrabble. Everyone on Facebook was surprised to see us playing Pathwords. It was like we were expected to have sex for 24 hrs. What pressure!!!

I would like to know what people do on their honeymoon. What is the big deal about it? It is just a trip… isn’t it?

Yesterday I joined work… I was feeling quite lonely. But kya kare… thats part of life in sales. There were so many numbers to look at… I didn’t know where to begin. Wrapped up everything today… hit the gym also. I don’t like going to the gym at night ‘coz there are only fat, sweaty men there. But last night the senior gym instructor really pepped things up. This Chandigarh guy is smart, good looking with an amazing body. He is not one of those Haryanavi guy who has to open his mouth and you want to run away. Great!!! I got married last week and I am already blogging about hot guys.. 😛

I will blog more regularly from now on. Tomorrow is month end closing… and one day off after that. Yippie!!!