Marriage is day after and there are many thoughts running through my mind. I wish someone would have the patience to listen to them and give me answers.

I know I am marrying the right guy… I never doubted that. I have answered that question a million times by now… “Are you sure? Will you be happy with him? Is this what you want?”… It is irritating being asked. I mean, nobody makes such a big decision on a whim. It is well thought out on every front.

I am guilty also… very. My parents don’t deserve it… they don’t deserve to be hurt… they have been nice parents overall… no complaints. But I cannot marry anyone else… I have been unable to explain that to parents… they are too prejudiced to understand my feelings. I don’t blame them… thats the way they have been brought up. And yet… their behavior in past few months is inexcusable.

It is my life… and I’d rather make a wrong decision than live someone else’s right decision. Thats the way I am…

This is a very difficult phase of my life… probably the worst. And I hope I get through it stronger. I am becoming hard hearted. Nothing moves me now. Sometimes I hate and resent them. Its not fair. I have a right to my life.

If there is someone above… please make them hate me less… and I hope they come around… someday.